Bergkamp must lift Wenger at Leeds

By Myles Palmer

Did you see Hold The Back Page on Friday night?

Brian Woolnough and Shaun Custis had been in Moscow with Arsenal.

They said they had never seen Arsene Wenger as down as he was after they lost 4-1 to Spartak.

Why did he play Kanu? Why didn’t he pack midfield with five players who would put their foot in?

He knew Arsenal were short and he knew how Spartak played. So he should have picked a spoiling team to grind out a draw.But that is history now.

Saturday went very well for Arsenal.

Leicester , the team behind them, were stuffed 3-0 at Spurs.

Southampton, next Saturday’s opponents at Highbury, were beaten 3-2 at home by West Ham.

Dennis Bergkamp has to do it today. He has to turn it on. He has to give a performance.

Wenger admits he has indulged DB, kept him in the side when he was off-form.

Now that Arsenal are eight points behind Man United, Bergkamp MUST stand up and be counted today.He must play like the senior pro he is. He has to score a goal or make a goal today.

I shall be watching Bergkamp’s body language carefully.The first time he shrugs and puts his arms up in the air, in that gesture of frustration, I will just switch the TV off.

No time for a detailed preview, I’m off to my Tai Chi class….

10.20 a.m. Sunday 26 November 2000