BREAKING NEWS: My season starts against Chelsea, not Leicester

I was geared to Friday the 11th of August.

Gradually getting ready to watch Arsenal v Leicester on Sky.

But it turns out I’m going to the Community Shield on Sunday.

Arsenal v Chelsea is a charity game between the two FA Cup FInalists.

I’ve been to Wembley hundreds of times, seen many finals & internationals, lots of Charity Shields, so I’m not excited. But I’m hoping it will be fun.

On Sunday morning, I’ll be up for it.

Also, it’s local. Willesden to Wembley Park is only three stops on the Jubilee Line, so we’ll be there in less time than it takes to say Alexander Lacazette.

Will we have a good time? Don’t know.

Will I write about the match if we don’t have a good time?

Too soon to say. I live in the moment and mostly blog in the moment.