California Gooner asks the $64,000 question about Arsenal

From Colin Bruce Shanner:

Is there any other major sports franchise on any other continent that at any time in history has had anything even remotely similar to this fraudulent, ongoing, never-ending soap opera that Arsenal has had under Wenger?

Myles says:

I don’t know, Colin. I’m more of a columnist than a historian.

Right now, my disconnect is deeper than the Grand Canyon. And I’ve never watched soap operas. The last soap episode I saw was Dallas when the question was : Who shot JR?

Clearly, there is huge despair across the Arsenal diaspora.

The club’s strategy when they moved fromĀ  Highbury was to find a new crowd who had more money than their traditional fanbase but knew less about football. Many people who bought season tickets have stopped going to the Emirates because there is no atmosphere and the football is dull.

All the Gooners I know have been praying for change for at least six or seven years.

One, who hasn’t called in a month, phoned last night and said, “90% of Gooners want him out.”

Tonight’s game at Stamford Bridge? Two legs.

While the FA Cup semi-finals are played on two neutral grounds, the League Cup semis are two matches, home and away.

Last night’s exciting first leg finished Manchester City 2 Bristol City 1.

Bristol City have already knocked out Stoke, Crystal Palace and Manchester United, so the second leg at Ashton Gate will be worth watching.

Chelsea v Arsenal tonight?

Conte will want revenge for the FA Cup Final, while Wenger must sit in the stand.

My guess? Man for man, Chelsea are far more professional, and Eden Hazard might rip Arsenal to shreds. He’s done it before.

—— PS: With the internet, typing and publication became almost simultaneous.

In my first five seasons as a blogger, I attempted to capture the moment, tried to nail down the match experience as it flew past, as I’d done privately in diaries and journals where I would previously have scribbled aboutĀ QPR fans singing Bring On the Arsenal!