Can Arsenal become even more dysfunctional than this?

From Alex Barker:

Just when you thought it couldn’t get more bizarre, we get this:

Identical quote-less stories in two newspapers published at roughly the same time.

Are the board communicating with the manager via the press now? How much more dysfunctional can it get?

Myles says:

It’s much worse than you think, Alex.

Wenger has no relationship with any board member. Zero.

He is totally isolated.

He has no relationship with Kroenke either.

I always feared he called Stan Kroenke privately, without the board’s knowledge.


I think Ozil and Gazidis will stay because of their houses.

About 18 months ago Mesut Ozil bought a house with a big mortgage.If he wanted to leave London, he would not have done that. He’s going nowhere.

And Ivan Gazidis bought a £5m house in St Johns Wood a year ago. A friend of ANR knew the seller. Ivan won’t be heading up the MLS any time soon, since the Commissioner’s contract ends in December 2018.