Carling Cup/Frimpong/ Wilshere/Gary Neville /Superclub

From Ben Shipman: Carling Cup

Hi Myles,

Am I missing something?

All the interviews, quotes, tweets etc from players and management and I have not seen one saying about Arsenal losing?

A great achievement, a brilliant learning experience, who cares?

We lost. I don’t think we learnt anything from that match. Fabianski is not good enough and lacks confidence, Chamakh and Park are lightweight and Frimpong & Coquelin play with an exciting youthful energy but are not ready for the first team.

Hopefully, what Wenger will take from that game is that Chamakh, Park and Fabianski are definitely not good enough. They had a good opportunity and did not take it.

And hopefully Walcott will have seen Chamberlain and know one slip-up and a very confident, talented kid will want his place.

From Sunny Bahra : Substitutes

Arsene Wenger…the master of the wrong subsitute.

Park off? AOC off?

From Dan Partridge : Carling Cup game

Good article, couldn’t agree more about Chamakh and Park. Chamakh in particular wheezed his way through the whole affair.

Gervinho looks like a man panicked, he was trying too hard to shoot and his shots were desperate; clearly shaken by Wenger telling him that he’s not scoring enough.

I thought that Frimpong also put in a fantastic effort overall, the lad tackled everything he could.

His distribution isn’t great but that should come with experiece. Agree with the other players you hightlighted for praise too, Konscielny’s work rate was immense.

From Tristan John : Good one!

I like this a lot, Myles.

Thanks for writing it, made my day.

I kept telling myself and my gooner friends that I don’t know what to make of this run of good games.

I still have my reservations but it’s a good thing you showed me and maybe other gooners out there that the team has changed and is actually headed for something good.

From Eddie Villiers : latest article  

Superb piece today. Excellent analysis of the way things have changed: I see a much tighter unit with much more team spirit. Keep up the good work.

Alex Peters: Good article but you’re wrong on one point

Great article, and fair-minded as well, but I think you’re wrong to say Fabregas was Arsenal’s best player last season, he was injured for much of it!

Nasri was outstanding in the first half and I think Wilshere was a revelation throughout, so it’s between those two for me.

From David Chandra : A Proper Summary

Hey Myles, What’s got into you?

After so many posts which quite honestly turned me off because of your constant negativity despite our winning streak, finally you come up with a good balanced summary of Arsenal this season.

I have been waiting for you to admit that this team are indeed more effective now that Fab and Nasri are gone.

Persie is an even better main man than TH14 because Persie himself has so much to prove and so much to make up for.

He would not give that demoralizing glare when Walcott, Gervinho or Arshavin give him bad pass. And he is up for any game, Barca or Bolton.

This team is much more united than the Invincibles because there is no longer French-speaking elite group in the dressing room.

I remember you said at one point that this team surprisingly has stronger spine this season and I think it was spot on. Agree about the match-winner.

But it would not be easy to find another player who can play in Persie role with such effectiveness.

Arshavin could have been the 2nd match-winner, only if we play 4-4-1-1 or 4-4-2. And only if he decides he wants to stay after all.

From Sam Whitehead-Clarke : The making of a super club

Hi Myles,

Just wanted to say thank you for the discount on the book.

Managed to read it in 4 days, and it was brilliant. The relationships between members of the board were really insightful. Please pass on my compliments to Alex Flynn and Kevin Whitcher.

From Rhys Jaggar  : Gary Neville

 1. He won a lot of trophies with players more talented than he was.

2. He wasn’t born brilliant so he had to learn, think and work hard to become as good as he was.

3. He saw what worked most of the time and occasionally saw what didn’t. That’s a good framework for learning.

4. No-one who’s a big mouth lasts for 15 years under SAF.

5. As a shop steward for the Big Man, he knows when to speak up and when to keep schtumm.

6. He never won anything with England, so he knows what it’s like not to win things, too.

7. He knows that mind-games are mind-games but ultimately it’s on the pitch that the talking is done.

8. He’s got nothing to prove to anyone professionally, financially or any other way. So he can say what he thinks.

9. Northern Folks who are successful usually talk sense. Because they weren’t born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

10. He realises that football doesn’t need hyping any more, it needs to engage with its loyal customer base.

11. He’s not a bullshitter, so he can’t be doing with taking 10 minutes to say what can be said in 2 minutes.