Cheating, diving Bayern still disgust me

By Myles Palmer

I just had an email from ANR fan Shudhan who has been in Eurosport online chats with Paulo Sergio and Grimandi.

He asks if I’m pessimistic about the Bayern game.

I’m only pessimistic because I think they are a mediocre, ageing team who dived their way to an undeserved draw at Higbbury last December.

Needing to win this last game has been on my mind for three months. I always thought Arsenal would create a Matchday 6 drama.And I always thought Bayern could be beaten.

Plus: Arsenal have improved a lot since December.

They had just had black November and a 4-0 hammering at Liverpool last time they played Bayern.

Now they have Lauren who is better than he was a month ago and much better than he was two months ago. He’s learned from playing with Vieira.

Same with Pires, a fantastic player who has now adjusted to playing on the right side after six months on the left.

Ashley Cole is phenomenal and so positive. His crosses and corners are different class.

So Bayern did not worry me then and they don’t worry me now. Arsenal will win, even without Keown there to handle Jancker, the giant skinhead.

But I think Bergkamp should have gone.I’m not gonna sit on the fence on this one.

Even if Arsenal win 2-0, it’s still the wrong decision.

Does Dennis really have tight hamstrings today? Only Dennis and Gary Lewin really know the truth on that one .

I’m sure Kanu will NOT be at Arsenal next season. And after his agent’s comments, nor should he be. Indeed, the agent may be doing it deliberately to get him a move.

Kanu will start with Henry. And I think Lyon will draw in Moscow, which means Arsenal can draw and go through.

The best team in the Champions League, by far, is Real Madrid.The atmosphere in their camp is so good,and the players love Del Bosque so much, that they are playing fabulous football at the moment.

Arsenal will probably play Real Madrid, Valencia or Galatasaray in the quarter-final.

Interestingly, the Spurs semi-final is between the two Champions League quarter-finals.

That will mean some interesting team selections. It will be another outing for Wiltord, Mr FA Cup Goalscorer Esq?