Chelsea losing is bigger news than Manchester United winning

Spurs beat Watford 4-0 on Saturday.

And Chelsea lost 2-0 at Old Trafford.

Some Arsenal fans now fear that Spurs will win the title.

Others think that Spurs will do the Double.

And Myles thinks that the winner of Saturday’s Spurs-Chelsea semi will win the FA Cup.

If Manchester United were the league leaders, their defeat would be big news.

Sunday’s 2-0 win was a triumph for Mourinho’s ruthless  tactics, for his man-marking of Eden Hazard.

Myself, I didn’t recognise Chelsea.

At no point in those 94 minutes did I recognise Chelsea.

Why was that? Because you can only play as well as you’re allowed to play?

Yes, but  also : Without Courtois, with losing Marcos Alonso in the warm-up, with centreback Kurt  Zouma replacing Alonso, with Azpilicueta moving to left back, the Chelsea machine was completely lacking in fluency or shape or confidence.

Their new 3-4-3 machine won 1-0 at Middlesbrough to go top of the table in November, displacing Liverpool, then beat Tottenham 2-1 and has been leading the title race ever since.

But here they just stuttered and crumbled.

Chelsea didn’t look right for seven minutes, then Rashford scored and then the Red Devils bossed the game.

United were faster and hungrier all over the pitch, led by twin strikers Lingard and Rashford,two mates who helped each other in every situation.

Football is a game of mistakes by players, refs and linesmen.

Herrera’s crafty handball allowed him to zoom forward into the centre circle and fire a killer ball beyond David Luiz for Rashford to bang past reserve keeper Begovic.

When Victor Moses was replaced by Fabregas in 54, it already seemed too late.

Conte always makes his substitutions too late because he’s scared to make them too early.

The way this game was going, he should have brought on Fabregas and Willian at half-time.

Having scored an early goal in the first half, United now scored another early in the second.

Bizarrely, Gary Cahill tried to pick up the fallen Rashford while the ball was still in play. That was one of the most inexplicable decisions I have ever seen by any defender

While Cahill was losing the plot, Herrera was writing it as he smashed in a shot that deflected off the shin of Zouma.

Manchester Utd 2 Chelsea 0 after 47 minutes.

Martin Tyler’s co-commentator Gary Neville was saying, “Probably the most aggressive and intense I’ve seen Manchester United.”

He was referring to this season.

Carrick came on for Lingard, and Willian came on soon after in 66, but it seemed over.

With Zlatan, United can produce a measured game, playing to him and for him.

Without Zlatan, they became the high-energy Red Devils of old, competing fiercely for every ball, expending huge energy to energize a massive crowd.

In 82, Zlatan replaced Rashford, allowing  the kid a standing ovation.

Loftus-Cheek came on for Zouma.

There was huge angst on the face of Conte, who was static and silent and undemonstrative.

It was primarily a triumph of a tempo.

Mourinho made the game too fast for Diego Costa, made sure he killed Hazard, Chelsea’s best player.

Some will say Hazard was peripheral… but he wasn’t that good.

Many years ago I said Jose Mourinho was the nabob of nullification.

He still is.