Cher, Blatter and cockroaches : indestructible

When  I was in Boulder, Colorado, last month, I bought a book by Neil Strauss.

Neil is a rock journalist who writes for The New York Times and  Rolling Stone.

He says that the people who work for Cher say that if there was  a nuclear explosion, only two species would survive :  Cher and cockroaches.

I doubt if Cher’s staff have heard of Sepp Blatter of FIFA.

FIFA is  not an organisation that runs world  football.

It’s one man  who runs world football. Very badly.

FIFA is Blatter and Blatter  is FIFA.

Blatter  proved  his indestructibility  by being re-elected unopposed.  Given his previous machinations, I  wasn’t super-surprised by that.  

When I saw Blatter  on TV, I felt sorry for  all those  reporters. There were over 50 reporters in  the room at Fifa House  and many were in their 20s and 30s, or so it seemed to me.

I thought : What a ghastly way for  young men  to be spending  their time!

Waiting around for that horrible little twerp  to come in and tell them what he is doing.

All those reporters  have to write down what Blatter says and report it ? They have to film and record and broadcast Blatter’s drivel?  

What an appalling job ! Is there  a worse job? I can’t think of one.

Please read my friend Rob Hughes  on Fifa President’s ‘Commission of the Wise’