Classic Wenger :We have a chance if I stay

In case you’re wondering why I haven’t replied to your emails, I’ve been away for two days.

We had a fabulous weekend and came home on a high last night.

Do I ever get sick of writing about Ar$enal?


Do I ever get sick of being right?


Being right is good feeling.

I told you this would happen

I’ve said again and again that this would happen.

He sells you the future at the moment when you’re most gullible.

His  statement of loyalty  comes from the other side of the world: Indonesia.

Coming  from so far away, it’s a more powerful message.

It says: I’m doing all this for you.

All superstars are intercontinental.

And, of course, all  gods are global.

We’re stable because  I’m still here and I’m committing my future to you. I’m doing you a favour by staying at Arsenal, by refusing Paris.

How does he get away with such nonsense?

By manipulating the sycophantic mainstram media more cleverly than anybody has ever done.

By  working a media system that makes sure reporters  are just there to  report what powerful leaders say.

Wenger has been waiting 15 years for Sir Alex to retire.

So he was  never gonna walk now.

Why would Wenger  leave  when he’s just  become the biggest star in English football?

It’s true!

Arsene Wenger is now the biggest star in English football.

For the next four weeks he will be  the biggest  name in our game.

After  that, if Chelsea win their first 10 games, he won’t be.

For the moment, just rejoice.

Here at last  is the story I’ve been waiting for all summer.

If you’ve already read this, please read it  again. It’s an absolute classic.

Nobody does it  better.