Clever Wenger ignores the obvious/ Let’s try Eddie Howe

From Martin:

Morning Myles,

I never discussed a new manager was because I knew there was absolutely no point, as whoever would be potentially available and interested would have all moved around by the time it became something worthy of discussion.

It’s become worthy of discussion since Christmas and increasingly as the decline gained impetus,

Arsenal fans have not been happy for some time, and not the Premier League generation brought up on unparalleled success. The further educated fans who have supported Arsenal from the 60’s who understand the club and have seen some pretty low times. My own memories were the mid- 70’s where I used to go week in, week out to half-empty Highbury with my father and we had one season close to relegation.

The one thing you could guarantee then was fight, heart, some pride in playing for the shirt, the club, the willingness by players and board to improve and it really was just the quality of the footballer and not any of the aforementioned in question. Arsenal stayed faithful to managers then, but there was always a point where enough was enough and Arsenal aimed to be better.

Wenger needs to remember he replaced a manager who had finished 5th the season he was sacked, as the aim was beyond being respectable. The aim was to be Champions, and wow was it risky.

Arsene who? everyone said. But it was a statement that we want to be better and this is the decision we need to make and it worked beyond anyone dreams.

But move forward 20 years and respectability and mediocrity has been the bar of expectation for the last 12 years, simply what was not acceptable when Wenger was hired has been the accepted normal for our owner as he only looks at the business model and not the playing field like Fitzman and Dein did when they hired Wenger.

But the business model is suffering now, know many not renewing season tickets, or passing their turn on the waiting list, the empty seats vs City on Thursday reminded me of a night in mid 70’s where my Father and I went along in the snow with 17,000 others for a 0-0 draw versus Sheffield United, we were the faithful, we were there because it was our club and you support team regardless and we would be there for better times with many others – Thursday reminded me of that night.

I have said many times when talking about this to fellow fans, his statement of I could have gone to Real Madrid has me rolling in laughter at its audacity, you have to admire him, and yes he could have, at peak of powers he would have demanded own terms at Real Madrid but the clock starts ticking as soon as you sit in the seat and maximum of 3 years he would have been gone! Fact.

You have to give Wenger full credit for the ideas he brought to England, the diet, the type of players scouted, and he had the results and the plaudits, but the league has changed every team has top facilities, with the cutting edge of sports science – and scouts the same players.

The difference comes in the coaching and motivation, these top players have to buy into the coach and his methods and tactics. If they do not you get Mourinho and Conte at Chelsea, win the title, then a complete switch-off. You have to be innovative as a coach now, to inspire the players.

And I use the work coach as outside of the lower leagues where you need the manager to be more than a coach, the top leagues just have coaches, the manager is dead!

And as a coach Wenger’s voice is unheard, you have seen it in every big game over last few seasons, the absolute embarrassments away at Liverpool, Old Trafford, Chelsea, and it’s only the pure quality of the attacking talent that has beaten enough teams for that respectability. Fast Track Ponies is expression my father always used to use and fits well.

That mental resolve bellowed to anyone who will listen by Wenger and the players, after a few wins from a humiliation, usually revived against lesser opposition.

But even the lesser opposition have no fear since turn of the year, and there are no tactics or coaching to be seen.

Reminds me of the Crystal Palace debacle, center halves exposed and made scapegoats – why has he not played Elneny? Limited yes, but he will play a disciplined role at least and give defenders some chance, The defenders confidence is shot and he sends out teams like he has with nothing but attack minded players in midfield.

Personally feel for our defenders, hung out to dry week in week out, no Fernandinho, or Matic, or Kante luxury for them, they get Zhaka and Wislshere who again are being asked to do roles they not made for, easy to point finger at them, but have either ever in their careers been asked to do the job of a Matic or Kante before?

Fortunately, the end is nigh, it has to be, and the bravest move is Eddie Howe, young coach who has shown enough ability to manage Arsenal in my opinion, Pochettino CV could not have been much better as a manager and having seen Eddie Howe talk he thinks tactics, he coaches! Personally think its too brave for Arsenal and too much of a restoration project for Eddie Howe and maybe next time around?

Disagree with you on Allegri, not on your reasoning why you think he would not, as you can see from all i just written agree that squad is a shambles and there be need to pick the best and ditch the rest. But look at Guardiola, had to live with players he’d rather not, the Clichy for example as knew it would take him 2-3 years and there were questions over his credentials!

At times City struggled, but he imposed his ethos, nurtured the players he knew he could build team around, and fixed the obvious!

Wenger biggest weakness? You show him the obvious, he wants to show how clever he is by ignoring it.

Guardiola fixed the obvious: the back 4 and the GK, and the talented playmakers can now use that solid platform to run havoc.

We have good attacking talent, you keep that and first job is fix the base of the team and if Allegri half the coach we think he is, working at top of Italian football and In Europe with lesser talent, where his teams do not concede goals, you would think within a short time you would see an organised team.

Also, big club in London, with finances, and still attractive to talent, and great opportunity for any manager to make a name given the present slump, any manager who breaks this funk will be treated as a hero, truly! we are that desperate for that freshness, we have seen the same season for last 12 years, the apathy is huge and real, and so to any new manager, what an opportunity!

If Wenger had gone at our last FA Cup success, he would have salvaged his legacy, got the plaudits still and we would have had Guardiola coaching the team.

Most Arsenal fans will remember Wenger legacy the 2004 Invincible forever, that team truly had everything you would want to see, but most Arsenal fans now will not forgive him for the stubbornness that we all know nothing and state he taken the playing side of the club to, and he can hardly says its knee jerk, how patient and loyal can a fan base be!!

No guarantees, every fan accepts that, it takes a while. Even City with their money and Guardiola had to show some pragmatism. Revolution always brings hope and we all been bang out of that for some time!

Don’t write as much to you these days, tend to just watch games and continue my day without any real care for what I’ve just seen.

But it’s now time to care again and add to the voices: enough is enough.

Myles says:

Thanks, Martin. I wholly understand your disconnect. 

On Tuesday I was hearing…Brendan Rodgers from Celtic.

Although this tip came from a reliable source, it can’t be true.

Celtic chief exec Peter Lawwell runs Scottish football, some say.

He could have been Arsenal’s CEO. But he refused to work under King Wenger.