Colin would like another chat with Arsene to say “Thank You”

From Colin Bruce Shanner


My anger towards him is gone.

My rage has subsided.

The fury has left me.

It has been replaced by sadness.

I actually feel sorry for him.

And that emotion would hurt and sting him far more than my anger ever did.

There is really nothing worse than that.

For both he and I, it’s shamefully embarrassing that my primary feeling now is one of sympathy for the great man I once adored and idolized.

Specifically for fighting so valiantly against all I despised that was manifested in Ferguson’s United and his arch villians and cheats, namely Van Nastelroy.

But now…

It’s all gone so shabby. So squalid. So pathetic. So sad.

What a forlorn figure he cuts now. The once indefatigable, defiant man of teflon has aged years and wilted before our eyes within hours.

Regrettably, by his own sword, he has become an 8-million-a-year laughing stock in the eyes of the world.

Driving up for business this morning to “LOZE-An-gee-leez” (As the great Tom Petty calls it in my all time fave TP song, the poignantly beautiful, Crawling Back To You”), an old quote from Tom about the decline and subsequent death by overdose of his longtime Heartbreaker bassist Howie Epstein flashed in my memory.

You and I are both music guys Myles, and I know you interviewed Tom and wrote a great piece about a blowout show him and the boys did back in the 90s at Wembley Arena, so perhaps you will agree that what he had to say about Howie perfectly sums up Wenger and Arsenal, and Wenger and longtime Arsenal/Wenger fans.

I dug it out from an old Rolling Stone article:

“Petty shared his sadness about Howie in a piece he wrote for Rolling Stone: “He just got to where he couldn’t do it anymore … It’s like you got a tree dying in the backyard. And you’re kind of used to the idea that it’s dying. But you look out there one day and they cut it down. And you just can’t imagine that beautiful tree isn’t there anymore.”

I guess if I ever get a chance to speak to Mr. Wenger again (I had the privilege of having two nice, fairly long chats with him in different hotel lounges many years ago) I think I would just shake his hand and say “Thank you!”