Del Bosque’s false 9 won 4-0,Myles!

From Federico Rafael :False No 9

Spain were deserved winners?!

How the tide of opinion changes! You publish the email of a reader who states that a team who doesn’t start with a forward doesn’t deserve to win as if it were worthy commentary, gospel – a Myles criticism by proxy but you daren’t say it yourself.

Eggs on your face or what?

Fact is, del Bosque is a revolutionary, breaking new ground, ahead of his time.

He is a thinker and a master tactician and also a healer in bridging the Barca-Real divide. You don’t expect revolutionaries to be fusty middle-aged types.

This is what cost him his job at Real Madrid. Perez wanted a commercially handsome coach. Never mind his genius, it’s a telegenic smile fronting the Galacticos wot woz needed!

Our “del boy” has redefined football, turned convention on its head. Who says you can’t play with a “false 9”?!

Suggest you think again cos the rule book has been rewritten.

Myles says :

Some wondered if Spain still had the appetite for another trophy. Were  they tired, sated after so many games, so many medals, so much travelling?

Question: Are Spain still hungry?

Answer: Yes!

On Sunday Xavi, Ramos, Iniesta and every other player demonstrated a desire that is undimished. The flame still burns.

Spain keep winning the matches that matter and they don’t concede goals.

As Cesc Fabregas said on Sky Sports News,”The most important thing is that the attitude and the discipline of this team has been spot-on since day one. And we showed the world that we have a style of play and that we can win with that.”

Fabregas talks like a manager and always has done.

He  will be a great manager.

But only if he wants to volunteer for that level of  aggravation and disappointment.