Dele Alli’s diving is one more reason to stop watching England

From Brendan:


I wonder what you thought of Dele Alli’s latest dive in England’s away match in Lithuania.

Predictably, it was one of the dullest games ever to be broadcast in history.Dele Alli’s customary feigning of a foul in the box only added to the life-force-sapping monotony of it.

Alli, who has been sent off for horrendous tackles, has been involved in on-pitch controversies (his V-sign to the referee in an England shirt), and recently correctly booked in a Premier League game for diving, is in danger of becoming renowned for all the wrong reasons.

It’s not a dig against Tottenham that I’m on his case – I just find his attitude and behaviour wholly distasteful and completely at odds with what I consider to be the correct and responsible way for professional footballers to behave.

I don’t have any of the same views about any of his Tottenham colleagues in the England team, in case there was any question as to my motives for singling him out.

I really hope he will sort himself out, sooner rather than later, although I suspect that he’ll be protected too much.

Hope you’re enjoying football in the parallel universe, as it is now played at the top level. I’m interested to know what Chelsea’s predominantly Brexit-supporting fans would think if their manager and most of their players had to leave, although I suspect that if the UK ever leaves the EU, the richest will still be allowed in with open arms.

The parallel universe of football fans moaning about the lack of English players, but continuing to pay to watch teams with extremely, stratospherically-highly paid non-British players, and continuing to demand that their clubs buy more of them, is so dissonant to me that I often feel queasy and sea-sick.

It’s a perfect microcosm of the schizophrenia at the heart of British (mainly English) society.

The schizophrenia that is tearing that society apart, right now, whether we can see that happening or not.

I’m not an optimist.

I wish you well.

Myles says:

I’m glad you brought that up. Honestly.

I should address bad behaviour by my second favourite player (after De Bruyne)

What Dele Alli did there was disgusting.This incident was particularly appalling because it looked so habitual, almost a reflex.

Looks as if he can’t stop diving and will continue to cheat like that for the rest of his career.
Up till that incident, I thought Dele would grow out of it.

And I thought his managers would make him stop it. Apparently not.

You’re right, Brendan. Dele Alli’s cheating is not just an occasional irritant.