Despicable Thierry Henry handball cheats Irish heroes in Paris

France 1 Republic of Ireland 1

Keane 33 Gallas 103
France qualify 2-1 on aggregate

 Gillette must sack Henry now.

Gillette must pull that Tiger-Woods-Roger Federer-Thierry Henry commercial.

Pull it from every market.That commercial should never be seen again.

Tiger and Roger don’t want to approve of cheating.

Does Tiger Woods kick his ball into the hole in the 18th green?

Does Roger Federer want to be associated with a clean-shaven dirty cheat?

What’s the company’s message? Use Gillette grooming products and win by cheating like our pal Thierry?

Sepp Blatter, what more evidence do you need to use video replays? Your referees are already wired up! If this happens in the World Cup there will be riots and dozens of people will be killed.

Last night Thierry Henry handled to rob Ireland of  penalty shoot-out and a possible place in the World Cup.

I knew it was handball in real time, before I saw four Irish players put their hands up. I knew it because Gallas looked guilty, knew it was handball. I didn’t need a replay to know that Henry could not have kept that ball in play with his leg or his foot. It was calculated cheating. At no point did he go for that ball with his foot. He stopped the ball going out of play with his left arm, set it up deftly with his left hand, and jabbed it across the goal with his right foot : Basketball, basketball, football.

What a scumbag ! What a pitiful, cheating scumbag ! Thierry Henry, you are the scum of Paris, the scum of world sport, the scum of the earth.

I suppose Arsene Wenger will be making excuses for Henry tomorrow, defending his golden boy,  as always.

What is professional football? A nasty business driven by money, populated by mercenaries who are driven by money and will do anything to win more money? Are they all cynical cheats? Is cheating second nature to all pros now? If you appeal for every throw, every corner, even though you know the ball went out off your shin, will you inevitably cheat in the big moments as well as the small ones ? Is cheating second nature to every pro footballer?Is Thierry Henry any more immoral than 10,000 other footballers? Discuss.

Arshavin misses the World Cup. Russia had two men sent off in Slovenia, who beat them 1-0.