Disconnect caused Brexit. But there will be no armageddon

From Rhys Jaggar :


Brendan should distinguish between media vitriol and truth in the UK.

In this world of media-obsessed luvvies, particularly in London, narratives pushed by the BBC, Sky, Channel 4, The Guardian etc are what I just called them. Narratives. They simply don’t represent the totality of Britain.

I’ve lived in: Buckinghamshire (0 – 2.5); Devon (2.5 – 5.5); NW London (5.5 – 13); Reading (13 – 17)); rural Austria (17 – 18); Cambridge (18 -21); Glasgow (21 – 25 and 26 – 28.5); Switzerland/NW London (25-26); Oxford (28.5 – 33.5); Manchester (33.5 – 41.5); Leeds (41.5 – 44.5); NW London (44.5 to present).

I’ve done business in addition in Wales, Northern Ireland, the SE of England, Washington DC as well as obviously working in some of the places described above.

As a result, I’ve seen the total disconnect between what people who live in London, have always lived in London and think that, because all the media lives in London ,that everyone else does too; and those who live in the regions of the UK.

Brendan is entitled to his views on Remain.

What’s he’s NOT entitled to say is that saying that we can’t have 400,000 immigrants net per year ad nauseam is racist.

He can’t and if he says he can, I say this to him: you house a family of immigrants or you leave this country. You don’t hold totalitarian views and then say everyone else has to sort out your mess. You don’t expect Brexiteers to house immigrants because they say there has to be a limit to it.

Brendan needs to see what happens to working class people born here, who have nowhere to go to to earn more than they can earn here because the UK is the highest wage almost in Europe.

They can’t go to Poland and send money home, because it wouldn’t be worth sending home. The Poles can come here, send money home for 5 years and then have a much better life back home than they would have had staying there.

The working class born here were shafted by the EEC/EU and the elites in London who benefited from it. They have a right to be angry and if Brendan can’t cope with that, tough titty. The world is not solely run for Brendan and his ilk.

Let’s be clear here: I studied German to A level and wanted to work in my gap year in Germany to gain technical work experience and to become fluent in German. I couldn’t do that because the Germans had the absolute opposite of freedom of movement in 1982/3: if one German was unemployed, no foreigner could be hired.

I didn’t express disgust about that, I dusted myself down, went to Austria, did become fluent in German and studied the violin in Salzburg with people who put the best of London to shame. So as one of the minority of UK-born people who bothered to become fluent in a European language, don’t call me a racist bigot, a little Englander, xenophobic or whatever. Call me someone who embraced what the EEC was supposed to be about and found out the true reality.

Now the Germans tell us that we have to accept freedom of movement no matter the societal dislocations being caused. Just because Germans won’t breed and their economy was roaring, not every country needs what Germany needs.

They’ve gone too far with the importation of 1 million migrants from North Africa and the Middle East though. That is what will break the EU in two.

Why? Because lots of other countries do not have the combination of demographics and economic strength that Germany has, so want different terms and conditions.

The Germans, thinking that only Germany counts, are imposing. They’ve blown it. Big time.

Of course, the media narrative has brainwashed a lot of people here. But not the people in the shires. They don’t live in the London bubble. They are distant from the financialisation of the City of London.

They’ve had huge swathes of industry stripped out and the EU has paid firms to shut down UK factories and rebuild elsewhere. Why would they support an EU that destroys all their jobs, eh??

I am a democrat, in that I respect true verdicts but refuse to accept machinations.

The EU referendum was a true verdict because, despite the Establishment throwing the kitchen sink at it, up to and including the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Governor of the Bank of England threatening armageddon with a Brexit vote, the Brexit side prevailed.

It has been most instructive to see the totally anti-democratic attitudes of the London media luvvies, as epitomised by The Guardian, the BBC and Channel 4.

It is even more instructive that anonymous people have funded an expensive City law firm to make a legal challenge, which should be thrown out at source if funded by foreign nationals in any way.

That Referendum was more democratic than Mrs Thatcher or Mr Blair being elected 3 times each.

Far more. It was more democratic than the FPTP electoral system. There is no other event in my voting lifetime (33 years) when 17.5m people voted for something.

I’ve had to face election results I didn’t like. You move on. And if you really hate this country, you emigrate. You won’t find similar jobs across most of Europe, let me tell you.

France is close to civil war according to the Head of French Intelligence. The ClubMed bloc is an economic wasteland.

So go live in Germany, the Netherlands or the Nordics. They are going to have what we have had the past 10 years.Uncontrolled immigration and all that comes with it. It’s going to happen there too. AfD, the anti-EU party in Germany is rising fast in the polls. The Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Hungary could all vote to leave if they had a Referendum.

The EU has been pigheaded for a generation and now the consequences are coming to roost. It’s not going to be pretty. We haven’t had war in Europe outside the Balkans for 70 years. The EU did its job with NATO securing the peace. Now it needs more than that.

German economic imperialism won’t work for the majority I’m afraid.

Myles says:

A couple of years ago Angela Merkel was being lauded as a consensus politician who leads from behind. But she’s become rather too regal, I fear.

One thing I should make clear to Rhys and ANR readers: Brendan does not live here in the UK.

He’s worked in several continental countries. But I’m not at liberty to mention what industry he’s in, or his surname.

Regarding TV News, I prefer C4 and ITV to the BBC.

Armageddon will not happen.

Europe wanted us to stay because they really need us. The EU will collapse within a few years and the Euro was always a bad idea.

Yes, it’s a period of uncertainty.

The only thing we know for sure is that the elite who own the UK and run it will never appear on our TV screens.

PS. Don’t mention Tony Bliar again on this website. Or the Bank of England. Which hasn’t had a good Governor since Eddie George.

Stuart Laws adds this:

You said today: The only thing we know for sure is that the elite who own the UK and run it will never appear on our TV screens.

A friend posted on Facebook: Can you imagine May’s face when Rupert Murdoch told her Boris was going to be foreign secretary!! 

I laughed at that….I think it was a nervous laugh really…as in…yeah I know….that’s why I haven’t voted for a long time.

Just like with football…..you just really don’t know what going on behind the scenes….I like your musings as they give us a little insight….but we may as well stick to reading Roy of the Rovers and Harry Potter….and ping pong! Real life is a bit scary…we are just sheep being herded along (excuse the analogy…I am a Norfolk boy). Is there anything to enjoy that isn’t political?