Disgraceful that Arshavin languishes with Chamakh on the bench

From  Kubla Khan : Re Arshavin & last letter


Your recent letter from a reader hurls abuse at Arshavin.

What does that fan or for that matter any fan, including myself, know about Arshavin?

Arshavin of St Petersburg, the city of white nights and Dostoevsky, of the Neva, the cold and the beauty, Arshavin of that city, melancholy as you called him but more shattered by Wenger than melancholic, most misunderstood by the Emiratis, the fans at Emirates, the Emiratis who booed him once.

Arshavin, easily the most sophisticated & cultured & talented player Wenger signed recently, Arshavin was made a scapegoat of always.

Since Arshavin had his own CV, like Arteta, Arshavin was bound to fall out of favour. Arshavin playing with the dimwit Song, Arshavin of the Petrushka heritage kicking ball under Wenger’s dictatorial eyes.

It’s a travesty to find Arshavin languishing alongside Chamakh on the bench. It won’t be long before Arteta finds the same place.

Wenger’s resume is to buy and sell players. Gazidis’s job is to big Wenger up.

This current team will suffer because of Wenger & not because the players are terrible. With no pressure, Wenger is going to sell Theo, next Oxlade, and then Wilshere. After 2-3 yrs, Gnabry, if he proves himself, and others that he will buy and sell.

All along, Arsenal will play some pretty football and finish 4 th or 5 th. The Emiratis will sing Wenger. He will sign an extension. They will hail him.

Arshavin will reflect on all this in his own way.

The Karamazov in him will think of the Grand Inquisitor.