Dismal times at Arsenal because narcissist incapable of smart tweaks

From Norrie Hernon :

Pretty dismal times at the moment.

Authorial or no, James M Levitt is talking nonsense.

A manager should be able to take a collection and make it a collective, with the sum greater than its parts. Pochettino has been doing this since 2013.

Wenger was fortunate to inherit a strong spine, which he supplemented with a niche that now seems unthinkable: an untapped European market.

The closest we then came to a ‘pure’ Wengerian winning team was 2008.

However, even then the flaws which are so evident today were starting to show: three DMs in Diarra, Flamini and Gilberto and he allowed all three to leave because he did not value sufficiently the position – hence Song, hence Coquelin, hence Denilson.

We reached the final iteration in 2008: ever since, it has been variations upon the same theme and variations upon the same team: the wrong signings played too often, the right signings played in the wrong positions. The same lack of tactics. The same lack of in-game management. The debilitating lack of ‘mental strength’.

Xhaka, Ozil and Sanchez are title-winning additions in any other team, but played out of position, seemingly as a rule.

Even this season, our most effective player played wide to accommodate Giroud. The equivalent would be Kane moved for Janssen to play centrally. Madness.

And now Sanchez is being leaked against. The same way Arshavin and RvP and Nasri were.

This manager isn’t a masochist, he is a narcissist: he believes the only reflection in which the club should appear is his own.

The squad is fine. Chelsea have shown twice in three seasons how minor adjustments can transform an ostensibly dysfunctional squad.

Arsenal can do the same. They just can’t do it with this manager. That’s the only part being over-thought.

As Einstein said, ‘Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.’

We’ve tried a different stadium, support staff, playing staff, financing structure.

It’s time to change the one constant in the repetition of the same mistakes.

Myles says:

Eloquently said, Norrie. He is a narcissist.