Do super-rich Premier League clubs hoard young talent and bury it?

From Mike Wilson:

I would wonder whether Wenger has lost the magic touch or whether the pool of talent he can tap has shrunk with the arrival of the billionaires.

How many talented young footballers have become millionaires sitting on benches paid by billionaires? That hardly builds the driver and determination to improve someone like Bergkamp had.

Not the best examples, I am sure those more knowledgeable can think of better examples but what about Joe Cole, what about Sean Wright-Phillips?

Wenger spotted young talent and played young talent.

But now young talent is locked away, like a construction firm hoarding its land bank.

Myles says :

Anelka, Fabregas and Bellerin were special talents acquired by exploiting the regulations surrounding teenage footballers.

Senderos, wanted by many clubs, was acquired around the same time as Fabregas.

Wenger wasn’t the only academy raider but he was the best, or one of the best.

Some, including Van Persie, blossomed and then got sold for big money.That was a good business model. Vieira was sold to Juventus, the club Henry came from.

Readers cursed me for calling the Dutchman Robin Bang! Persie.

But that was a compliment, a term of approval.

I love a player who has a shot.

That was my way of saying: Go on, son, smash that ball!

When he joined Manchester United, Robin Bang! Persie ran onto a 50-yard pass from Wayne Rooney and volleyed it into the net.

At that moment RVP was like Bang!Bang! Batistuta.

But Harry Kane is the closest British centre forward to Batistuta.