Do you like Wenger’s vision of a European Super League?

From Rhys Jaggar:
So his parting shot to a league which made him very rich is ‘You must be downgraded to midweek because nobody wants to watch you’.
He has reduced the whole culture of English football to money for billionaires.
UK football fans like Saturday/Sunday football for a reason: IT IS A WEEKEND PASTTIME. They like meeting mates for lunch or a few beers, they like relaxing after the working week going to football.
Apart from the obvious fact that 14 or more EPL teams are unlikely to be in a European Super League.
So who is Wenger to tell WBA, Burnley, Bournemouth, Cardiff and whoever that their whole way of life must be ripped just so 20-60 super clubs can play on Saturdays?
Of course Man Utd might have to play EPL on Wednesdays.
But West Ham vs Newcastle? Burnley vs Southampton? Really is ridiculous to suggest that they cannot play at the weekend like they always have.
I also thought Wenger unwise to suggest Levy would sell Kane to Arsenal for £100m. Who is he trying to kid? If Levy had to sell Kane, it would be to Real, Utd, City, Barcelona. Teams in the Champions League, not failing clubs in the Europa League. 
Of course, with everyone gushing homage this week he thought he could get away with it.
Yes he has, but I for one was not impressed.
Hope you took up my ‘value bet’ of Spurs to finish top 3, which I suggested back last summer. 
Interesting to see who Southgate picks on Tuesday. With Oxlade and Gomez injured, maybe a couple of wild cards. I hope he is bold, does not cave to vested interests. Burnley, Leicester and Crystal Palace have done Ok with English cores….
Time to look forward to a great tomato harvest: May is proving a perfect month for developing plants right now.
Myles says:
My fear is that he still be quoted daily in  our newspapers.
That sports editors will still fill pages with his views.
Lord Wenger is super-famous and telegenic but does he have to be on TV every day? Telling us what we should be doing and thinking?
After Liverpool beat Real Madrid (and the referee), I will turn my attention to the World Cup.
Will I write about England? Don’t know yet. I will think carefully about that.