Do you use NewsNow Arsenal ?

ON A TYPICAL morning, Myles Palmer clicks on NewsNow before he checks his email.

I use it all the time and I’ve learned which websites to trust.

For a diehard football fan, many of the headlines are tempting and you want to read the story.

After I’ve glanced through NewsNow Arsenal, I sometimes click on NewsNow Manchester United or NewsNow Chelsea, or Tottenham, or Liverpool – I have them all bookmarked.

Also ( you won’t believe this) : Man City, Bolton and Everton.

Right now, on NewNow Chelsea there are headlines like :

Abramovich to stay away from Bridge for semi-final

Porto have priced Chelsea target Quaresma at £14 m

Alonso : Watch out Chelsea, we want second place!

On NewsNow Arsenal, you have :

Fabregas : Nobody can stop us

Van der Sar ‘bemused’ by defeat

Ashburton Grove comes of age to open up the title race

And so on.

If you don’t know NewsNow Arsenal, try it now at