Emery needs stable first eleven ASAP /Pogba & Rashford are rocking

From Jim Johnson :

Re Liverpool 5 Arsenal 1

Hi Myles,

Having just left Anfield, where we were similarly hammered  last year, it’s clear the defensive indiscipline that Wenger left behind will not be fixed overnight.

Buying Cahill won’t sort it. They might as well blood the boy Medley and grin and  bear it.

Two days ago I was asked my opinion on the outcome of the game on the popular LFC podcast ‘The Anfield Wrap’ where I was pressed for a scoreline.

“LFC will be out of sight by halftime,” said I.

Will Ever Banega improve the ill-discipline? What does that say to Ainsley and Guendouzi? Xhaka booted the ball away just after receiving a yellow card! Did he want to exit stage left so’s not to be complicit? A dereliction of duty.

Ramsey as captain? When he’s linked with a January move to PSG?

I wrote this on Facebook:  “Dear Santa, I think you must have missed my letter but I asked for a defender like Virgil Van Dyke and a goalkeeper like Alison Becker. Feliz Navidads, Unai, age 46 xxx”

Never gonna happen.

Happy new bloody year! Lol!

Myles says:

Are you the only Arsenal fan on Merseyside, Jim??

 If there are more than 50 gooners, you really need your own pub.

Man United 4 Bournemouth 1 is the sort of scoreline we will be seeing more often now. While United were negative, Spurs and Arsenal had one less rival for the top four.

That changed when Pogba and Rashford got the Theatre of Dreams rocking again.

Suddenly, it’s a different Premier League.

Spurs 1 Wolves 3 surprised me a little bit.

But I like the way Wolves play. Always enjoy counter-attacking football done well.

Harry Kane scored the best left-foot goal he’s ever scored in a Tottenham defeat. What a strike to put Spurs 1-0 up! But Wolves had three attacks and scored three goals.

Previewing Anfield, I wrote: The Liverpool team that I expect to start is powerful enough to blow Arsenal away. So any kind of draw at Anfield would be a valuable boost to Emery’s campaign.

But when I saw Emery’s starting X1, I was annoyed and backed Liverpool to win.

It was obvious they’d blow Arsenal away.

When Emery arrived, I said : It’s a  three-year turnaround. But now, for the first time, I wonder if he’ll be in charge for three years.

Happy New Year! 

And bring on Thursday night : 2019 is starting with a big game: Man City v Liverpool.