Emirates will be toxic/Gary Neville/What’s to celebrate?/

From Graham: Fourth

Why do people harp on about finishing in the top 4 year after year as something to celebrate?

I had the pleasure of seeing both Micky Thomas and smudger Smith score those goals, now they were something to celebrate, took weeks to come down of those highs.

Fourth, simple isn’t it, means you didn’t win, you failed, year after year… get it?

From Brendan : riveted

Hi Myles,

I’m riveted by the mysteries which you’re not able to reveal to us.

In some way, although I’d like to say ‘please keep on writing’, I kind of think you’d be better off not doing it.

It’s obviously a bit laughable my saying that because I don’t know you, but I know your writing, and the frustration and exasperation has not palled, it has intensified over the months and years.

From my perspective, I feel less interest in professional football than I have ever done at the moment. I try to summon the interest to look at some websites and read about transfer stories, but I just find them annoying, trivial, predictable and banal. Nothing to do with Arsenal’s lack of activity. It all seems less and less relevant.

Football’s getting more and more up it’s own hyper-corporate, monetised, over-advertised, over-financed backside every year, and it becomes more revolting to me every year.

But it’s also me changing. Eventually, I’ll just drift away from it, and hear it’s dull echoes as just one of the many distractions people have to take their minds off things which it’s often best to take your mind off.. like mortality, lack of power to influence one’s own destiny, the twisted state of economic life in the world today, to name a few.

If you make the decision to quit ANR, good luck and all the best. I enjoyed reading your book and I’ve enjoyed reading ANR (most of the time!) Change is vital though. It is the essence of all!

From Pete O’Donnell : ANR

Hi Myles

I hope you don’t give up on ANR, I enjoy the site.

It reflects my own views, which are strongly anti-Wenger.

I find it hard to believe that the fortunes of such a big football club with millions of supporters can be held ransom to one man. I find it hard to believe that there is almost an entire industry of apologists for the man.

It goes to prove the maxim that you can fool most of the people most of the time.

I am frankly stunned to be here again per season after another summer of utter bollocks from Wenger. The fans and the players certainly want him to buy, and I am sure the board does too. Any other manager on the planet would bite your arm off for a 100m quid transfer kitty.

I don’t think he’ll get away with it this time.

The atmosphere will be toxic at the Emirates when the shortcomings of the squad is exposed.

So hang in there.

From Martin Sarnecki:   Gary Neville’s opinion of AFC and Wenger

Hi Myles,

I’ve loved reading your recent answers to questions about music. If I may add one, whose is your favourite singing voice in all of popular (or not-so-popular) music?

But to get onto an ANR topic, have you read Donald McRae’s Guardian interview with Gary Neville about the state of the game in England? It’s a http://www.theguardian.com/football/2013/aug/12/gary-neville-british-football-sky-sport

Neville says this about Arsenal:

“Arsenal are doing it brilliantly. The noise around Arsène Wenger these last three years has been immense. But Arsenal stay strong. They’re saying: ‘No, we’re supporting our manager. We believe in him’. From that, I gain confidence there is still some sanity in football.”

As one who has contributed to that noise, do you see any sense in what he says?

Take care and keep writing,

Myles says:

Of course Gary wants Arsenal to be weak. To not challenge Manchester.

Do you think he enjoyed it when Overmars scored  that goal at Old Trafford? Or Wiltord?

Love love love  Sinatra and Stevie Wonder- but I’d  have to go for Van’s voice.

From Fiona : totally agree!

Not just this site but most Arsenal fan sites.

Negativity reigns. I’ve said it before but history will show Wenger worked miracles getting the team into CL for last 8 years.

We could and should have won the title a few years ago but a flaky dressing room totally collapsed post Eduardo injury and Gallas melt down. That was a good team.This one isn’t far off.

But people are so angry and negative.

It drives me round the bend. I am not an AKB btw. Key mistakes have been made. Someone needs to take control of the transfers as they are a shambles.

But very few could have achieved what he’s done with one hand tied behind his back.

Why did you change your opinion on Wenger? What was it ?

Myles says:

What I saw on the pitch, Fiona.

And especially, what I didn’t see on the pitch.

I’m having a big argument with myself.

Part of  it is that I want to be loyal to the readers who’ve been loyal to me.

Last night I asked Jan,”Can I suddenly  say to  110,000 people: I don’t want to talk to you any more?”

From Singapore Sean :ANR for moaners?

Hi Myles,

Blog sites are filled with all types of readers and therefore it is filled with different opinion.

I tend to differ that this site is now reduced to moaners.

The fact is, what is there to celebrate?

Do   we celebrate when AFC makes another youth signing, just to see  him leave on a free or released? Or do we celebrate when the BOD makes a healthy profit year after year when they have given the fans nothing – trophies? Do we celebrate when top players like RVP/ Cesc/ Wilshere/ Ox (the latter two will follow suit one day – trust me) leave AFC and win something immediately after they leave the club?

Like fans around the world…there is only one big fat “NO” to all of the above.

Blog sites are supposed to be an accurate reflection of the sentiments of its readers. Granted, some tend to see things in a different light and all respects to that, but by all means, please ignore
comments if you do not like them, but please also respect the sentiments of readers who do not like what they see year after year!
Yes, I notice as well that there used to be more insider news here (I enjoyed them too), but hey, Myles is only human, and he is behaving just like a blogger should – frank and ever-evolving opinion about something or someone.

Things change and bloggers are allowed to change.

All respects to you Myles, great job for having this site, and all compliments for having this space over 13-14 years!