English managers for England? Where are they?

From David :England managers

Hi Myles,

Really interesting comment regarding England players becoming managers.

I never stopped to think about it, but you are right, where are they? Are they too thick to manage?

My guess is they are also too lazy and prefer to sit in a studio.

Why don’t the ‘great’ England players cross over? Lineker, Shearer (tried for a few games and gave up), Beckham, Gerrard, Owen, McManaman, Neville (tried for a few weeks), Ferdinand, and lots of others… all sitting in nice warm studios giving us their ‘insight’ and ‘critique’.

Seems to be a studio career is more attractive, even with the players who were not England regulars… Murphy, Wright, Dixon, Carragher etc.

So I guess we should give Gareth Southgate some credit for doing it.

Where are the rest of the Euro 96 bunch hiding? Anderton anyone?

Myles says:

Graeme Le Saux maybe?

But he missed the tournament. If he’d been fit, we could have won it.

Darren Anderton never struck me as a manager-type.

I loved him as footballer and thought he was far more talented and versatile than Beckham.

My friend Hugh Southon got me writing for 90 Minutes and selling stories to the tabloids.

I was especially matey with Mark Draper, Chris Waddle and Darren.

Did phoners with Lee Dixon, Ginola, Berkovic, Gary Flitcroft et al and once interviewed Darren at his house in Chigwell in the same street where Bobby Moore used to live.

Having interviewed famous people all my life, ever since our student newspaper, most of it was a lot of fun. But just part of everyday life.

After the age of 21, I was never in awe of stars and I don’t miss it because I’ve moved on to other challenges, other projects.

And I’m really glad I’m not doing it now, when setting up interviews is far harder and the people less candid.

The only thing I miss is when the subject says something really unexpected.

When I was thinking, “Fucking hell! I can’t believe he’s just said that!”

But such remarks were few and far between.