Enough Ozil hype, please. Bergkamp was far better

From William Marshall : Bergkamp was one of the greats

Hi Myles,

What a kneejerk season it already is the media abd fans are already in hyperdrive.

Who were Arsenal playing? Crystal Palace.

Ozil’s talents will never be fully realised at Arsenal unless Wenger changes over to more counter attacking tactics. You could bring in Benzema (I don’t want him) or anyone outside of Messi and Ronaldo and it would make little difference because Wenger’s approach by majority does not allow enough space and time in the final third for attackers to run into.

Madrid with Ozil were not a Wenger set-up team, they utilised counter-attacking far more.

Wenger used to with his very good sides but that’s long gone. OK, he does it a little more these days than in previous seasons but still it is predominantly passity passity stodge too much of the time.

That said, I’d also have sold him (along with Walcott) this summer because despite the fact he runs around a lot – so what. He has a negative vibe about him and his head goes down to readily when things aren’t well. Not a patch on Bergkamp as an all round player and presence…one of the greats. Ozil will never go down in history as one of those.

What did Ray Parlour say? Bergkamp made everyone around him play better.

So, Mr Ozil, why keep on waiting for others to shine if you are so good? Why doesn’t that talent rub off on others?

Character, he is sadly lacking in the character department.

Myles says :

Higuain was sold because Benzema was a better foil for Ronaldo.

The set-up you describe was the one that prompted me to describe Ozil as a catapult player. 

Ozil glided into certain positions to launch a match-winning human arrow called Cristiano Ronaldo.

That style of play is explosive, breathtaking and spectacular. I love it.

Speed is risk, speed is thrilling, speed is addictive. Speed is Marco Reus and Marc Overmars. And any stadium with over 50,000 supporters needs a speed king like Kanchelskis or Gareth Bale.

Arsenal can’t play like that because Wenger practices possession and plays the swarm football that I call Multipass.

Multipass can be very predictable, as Slaven Bilic demonstrated.