Fabregas and Perisic would have been great together

From Australian Gooner Paul:

Hope this mail finds you well.

It’s been a while since I last mailed you. That was when I had just returned from Oz and you wrote a piece about Caroline travelling South East Asia. I had beaten a similar track on my own Asian excursion.

I was at the Spain v Croatia match in Bordeaux last year.

I was over for the Ireland v Belgium game and decided to stay on for a few days and catch that game too. Lots of Welsh and Irish around Bordeaux and the Euros in general, as reported, were a hoot. Goodwill and craic from all around (including the French themselves).

Two days before Spain v Croatia the Spanish invasion began and the football fiesta suddenly had a new flavour.

My tickets were in the Spanish end and, wearing my green jersey, I was fondly welcomed into the familia (due to the media’s reporting of Irish supporters, I was treated as a celebrity half the time!)

The Spanish fiesta was in full flow in the stadium and, in my section at least, my boisterous, drunken Spanish amigos were putting on a better show than the Irish had a few days earlier. When Morata scored an early goal it seemed like the party would continue.

And it would have were it not for your man Perisic.

He was immense. Tall, strong and athletic, he powered around the pitch from the get go.

I had never heard of him and must have checked the big screen for his name 3 times before the half hour. A “sign me up performance”.

I haven’t been so impressed watching a midfielder in the flesh since Fabregas ran the show against Everton back 2005!

I’d take a team with the two of them any day.

Take care and keep it up.

Myles says: 

Lucky boy to see such a fantastic match!

Perisic just seemed so bouncy, so energetic and creative. He gives you a bit of everything.

But it can me a mistake to judge a footballer on what he does in an international tournament. He might never be that good again for his club in another league abroad.

If Inter’s Ivan Perisic does sign for Man United, I hope he lights up Old Trafford. I think he’s dynamic enough to help them win big trophies.

It’s a challenge coming over here. Fabregas won trophies at Arsenal and Chelsea but none of that was easy.

It’s quite natural and logical for a Croatian to play in neighbouring Italy.

It took me to a while to realise that northern Italy was once run from Vienna, and that northern Croatia was once run from Venice.