Farcenal: Emperor Wenger has never been more naked than he is now

From Andrew: pretending

I am amazed how the farce is consistently nurtured in the Arsenal camp, elevating and obfuscating the qualities of certain Arsenal players.

Players that will frankly NEVER be good and will either consistently disappoint or let down the team and fans at the worst possible moment. The top four for me:

Ozil grossly exaggerated in terms of his qualities. In reality ponderous, sulky, weak-willed and feeble. Does not have any drive, will not defend, and lopes around the pitch. Conditions must be always be “just so” with the right attackers and the perfect set-up, otherwise his magnificent abilities cannot shine through. Nonsense, utter nonsense.

Giroud the bouffant-headed, painfully slow and clumsy excuse of a striker that is pivotal to being the hold-up man and focal point for the attacks. His caricature grimace and eyes-thrust-to-the-heavens-in anguish routine at yet another dismal miss is now Arsenal lore.

Mertesacker even slower than Giroud, which is saying something, but somehow convinced of his defending superiority and ability to pinpoint where all the other players let the team not. He never acknowledges his own rancid contribution in leaving the defense with gaping holes and massive overlaps of space.

Wilshere brittle, childish and clueless, he has been touted as the soul of the Arsenal team, but in reality he is a chain-smoking, childish brat that cannot contain his petulance. He is apparently never going to have the attitude or commitment to succeed.

Arsenal could do very well to let these players go ASAP.

Thought must be given to the general lack of physical presence in the team.

Players like Cazorla are skilful but often are muscled and bullied off the ball.

It should not be this complicated. A decent team and strategy for each game can be developed.

Ultimately, the genial father figure in charge must take responsibility for the rot and clean house (starting with himself?).

Please, can we just stop pretending that the emperor is wearing clothes?

He is naked and other people are laughing.

From Will : Farcsenal FC

MP, I wrote to you after we beat City.

Following the victory, the tone of my message, unlike the ones from the fans that you published on ANR was negative but realistic.

Wednesday night justifies it – year after year it’s groundhog day, plain and simple.

Finish in the top 4, show glimpses of greatness in games or even produce impressive streaks during the season. But fail in epic fashion when it counts.


The board have no ambition, the whole model is flawed. If you’re a fan who wants glory then forget it, take up golf.

You advocate it more than anyone: We’re the largest club in Europe’s leading city. We have a state of the art stadium and training ground. We CAN compete financially and we have top footballers.

I’m convinced that there are hundreds of managers that could do a better job than this fraudster. I for one (and yes, I haven’t worked one day in football).

He’s arrogant, outdated and a total control-freak of a man who can’t adapt tactically to different opposition and stages of a game, always leaving his squad two players short.

Same s#!* different day! It was easy for Monaco.

Personally, I think they will give anyone in the competition a tough game.

Organised defensively, strong, TACTICAL and efficient on the counter.

Slightly reminiscent of a certain Portuguese manager’s CL side in 2004 perhaps….

Imagine what Leonardo Jardim could do with Farcsenal FC and all those millions.

27th February 2015