Frusrated Fitz, an American fan, is a Gooner for life but…

From Fitzroy :Giroud

An American Gooner, I go to Disney every summer.

I always count the jerseys.

For the last 5 years Arsenal jersey has outnumbered Real Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea and even Manu.

You can always tell that Arsenal is about to lose a game by how they started.

What gave me the sinking and ‘stinking’ feeling was when Giroud scored the third goal and spent his time celebrating his previous game’s scorpion kick, instead of rallying his team to get back on the other side of the half way line to restart and win the game.

How stupid and naive can Giroud and most of this team be?

At 3-1 and with 20 minutes remaining Sanchez scored, grabbed the ball and sprinted back to the center circle. After Giroud scored at 3-3 they celebrated like final kick in Champions League final shoot-out. He wasted 2-3 minutes? At no point did anyone step up and say, “cut the crap” and let’s go on win this “f” game.

Who had the balls to do that? Maybe Coquelin? I love the Arsenal but am sick of the malaise.

I have 4 kids decked out every week in Arsenal gear to watch the team…It gets harder each week.

I am a Gooner for life. I cannot just switch to another team. How about fighting each game with the fervor as Sanchez?

There is no one there to educate that into Arsenal culture.

Myles, I am so sick of this bunch of idiotic actions. Enough!!!

Cheers and keep giving us your insights.

Myles says:

It’s his Colney Creche bubble, Fitzroy, a world without confrontations or accountability.

Our French monarch looks down on us from his jewel-encrusted throne and warns,”Be careful what you wish for!”

It must be coincidence that since I announced two more years of King Wenger, attendances have dipped and results have become iffy.