Gegenpressing wins mega-matches for Southampton and Liverpool

Southampton 3 Arsenal 2

Danny Ings header 20
Henrikh Mkhitaryan shot 28
Danny Ings header 44
Henrikh Mkhitaryan shot 53
Charlie Austin header 85

Sunday was a huge day for gegenpressing.
Southampton smashed Arsenal.
And Klopperpool smashed United.
By attacking when they didn’t have the ball.

Southampton blitzed Arsenal, then Liverpool battered Manchester United at Anfield. They had 36 shots and every outfield player had a shot, including all the substitutes and Liverpool won 3-1.

Southampton outplayed Arsenal.
Ended Arsenal’s 22 match unbeaten run.
How? Was it new manager bounce? Yes.

Mustafi was suspended after being booked for diving last week.

Arsenal’s dodgy-looking back three in a 3-4-3 was Lichtsteiner, -Koscielny-Xhaka.

Arsenal’s 17th game was an alarming shambles and Saints new manager Ralph Hasenhüttl won his first game in charge by pressing ferociously right from the kick-off.

I knew the game was over as soon as Bellerin backed off and gave Matt Target the time and room to cross the first ball that Danny Ings headed in.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I expected Arsenal to win and (2) I was more focused on the upcoming Liverpool game which I hoped Liverpool would win.

Arsenal travelled to Southampton and went a goal down and levelled and went 2-1 down and got back to 2-2 and then lost to yet another header when keeper Leno went for a cross he was never going to reach.

Arsenal looked as if they had ten men or nine.

At half-time I typed out 300 words on the action, the mistakes. If a friend has not phoned to talk about the match, I often do that. But I soon deleted those words from my computer. The whole shambles was just too annoying to contemplate or describe and my mind had already moved on to Anfield.

Yes, I watched the second half but Arsenal lost and deserved to lose. 

Today I discovered that Geraint Thomas won the BBC Sports Personality of the Year and I’m delighted for him. The Palmers got really involved in the 2018 Tour De France and we love the guy.
But I never watch awards shows. Oscars, BAFTA, Footballer of the Year? Never watch them.

The last time I saw an awards show was in 1989 when Billy Crystal first hosted the Oscars.

Almost 30 years since I watched an awards show.

I really can’t stand them.

There’s a lot happening today and now I find I’m going out tonight to an event that will be educational.

But it’s now time to have my breakfast.

I’ve realised I’m quite hungry.