Get a grip!Don’t let Wenger ruin your summer

From Darryl :are you all nuts?

Thirty degrees and sunshine, women looking fit, sexy and happy in Central London.

The first Ashes test ending up as a thriller and some sparkling athletics taking place and people are complaining that Arsenal haven’t signed anyone.

You have all lost your minds. Take a break before it kills you.

I told you all that Wenger will sign precisely NONE of the ‘big’ names he’s been linked with, and that he will not change his mindset, his refusal to address his coaching and managerial failings.

I even inadvertently guessed that we’d be home to Villa first up and will struggle to win that game.

So stop worrying and live life.

If Arsene Wenger is hell-bent on ruining my autumn, my winter and my spring, then at the very least I owe it to myself not to let him ruin my summer.

Go to Richmond Park with your lady and have a glass of wine by the river or an ice cream from Gelateria Danieli (well worth it), love some live jazz at the Pheasantry in Chelsea or 606 nearby at Lots Road.

At the end of the month, I’m off to Jamaica for a fortnight. I’ll worry about Arsenal when I’m back. All that any of you need to know about sport right now is that the Lord’s test starts on Thursday.

From Nigel : mish mash

Hi Myles

Hope you’re enjoying the mini heatwave, long may it continue.

Agree with some of the comments being made recently especially regarding expectations. Expectations and demands on the club from the fans need to be much higher.

But not because we were finishing in the top 2 consistently 8 years ago

We were punching above our weight in the last few years at Highbury and that was down to Wenger.

To lambast him for not living up to his own previous high standards is wrong.

To lambast him for not making use of the resources at his disposal is, however, entirely correct and this should be the focus, where we are now, what we have available and how we use it.

What we’ve done in the past is irrelevant.

And this argument applies both to the Wenger apologists and Wenger bashers.

Yes we challenged consistently from 98-05, put this down to Wenger’s genius at the time. Yes we challenged only sporadically before that, put this down to a level playing field for the majority of the clubs in England.

Things are now different, we have money and resources beyond the majority of clubs.

Do I expect us to win the league every year? Given the competition and their money, no…but I expect us to be closer to the top than we have been. I expect the manager to use the funds at his disposal.

From DavidJ:  AW

Very worrying noises from Lord Wenger yesterday.

Like you, at least a significant part of me has given up on the next 3 years, Myles.

Excuses for not spending have started (we want quality, not numbers) and everything quoted in The Guardian was a repeat of 5, 6, 7 previous years.

The bottom line is that Wenger has said before that he would only stay if he felt he’d reached the necessary standard – losing to Bradford and Blackburn in the domestic cups is obviously satisfactory.

If now is not the time for revolt, when?

Can’t believe how much time I’ve wasted reading transfer stories this summer…this is Arsene FC we’re talking about.

From Neil: it’s all fluff

I did warn ANR readers that these fantasy bids by Arsenal were just that, fantasy, they were never printed, so the plebs never saw my predictions

I said if Wenger signs Jovetic, Higuain or Rooney, I would eat my hat.

I am still dumbfounded by readers comments that say…give him til Sept. give him one more year to turn it around, I say to those retards, if you can’t get it right in 8 years, what   is one more month, or one more season going to achieve?

You poor braindead sheep deserve to be fleeced, by the master shepherd.

All this guff about Higuain coming to Arsenal has been printed in every rag from London to Vietnam, and now we hear what I suspected

Wenger  has not even made a bid. Why would he? He has Giroud, Wenger’s  at 63 years of age is not going out on a limb by signing 4 £0 million players. It’s time to step iback and get a grip on reality

If Wenger buys Suarez, I WILL EAT TWO HATS