Get real ! Arsene never thumped that fourth official

By Myles Palmer

This two-day FA hearing of Wenger’s appeal against a 12-match ban is too,too ridiculous.

Arsene does NOT assault people.

Yes, he was angry after Vieira was sent off.

He was very angry after losing a match Arsenal should have won 4-0 after missing eight good chances.

But I’m sure he did not assault or jostle that fourth official.

The whole thing is absurd. Why has it got to this stage?

What a waste of time and energy and newsprint!

Not to mention the time of the barristers, who should be defending criminals.

Of course, it WOULD be serious if the FA did give him a 12-match touchline ban.

Because there are only 13 Premiership games left.

He would miss all the league games in February, March and April. Plus the FA Cup tie against Chelsea.

So he would come back for Leeds on May 5th and Southampton away on the 19th.

I’m not losing any sleep over this one. I’m sure the FA will see sense tomorrow morning.

1st February 2001.