Getting back into Arsenal and football takes more than one day

On the front page of today’s Times there’s a headline:

It’s time to give Harry Kane a rest.

A headline in the football pull-out is : Pochettino should not drop Kane- but his workload has to be managed

We’ve been abroad for 10 nights and it’s been a complete break because I’ve been off-line since September 6th.

Only saw about 10 minutes a day of BBC World News or Sky News.

One night on Sky I saw one of my favourite football pundits.

Gary Neville; “Harry Kane is tired, he needs a rest.”

Myles (shouting) : “I said that during the World Cup. I’ve written it twice since the season started!”

Today is a recovery day.

This old beatnik can’t step off a Boeing 737 and start pontificating about what Unai Emery is doing right or wrong. And I can’t yet comment on Arsenal’s 2-1 win at Newcastle.

Sunday was quite a long day : taxi to the ferry, sail to the mainland, taxi to the airport, land at Stanstead, remote-controlled train to Immigration, National Express Coach to Golders Green, then a bus home.

We had recorded the 4th episode of Bodyguard, our favourite drama serial. so we watched that and it was very intense.

We’d decided to crash out and keep Episode 5 till Monday night but ended up watching it live before collapsing into bed.

On Sunday morning our pick-up was at 6.15, so Jan set her alarm for 5 and I didn’t hear it and woke up while she was in the shower.

Our fourth holiday in Croatia was special, really a lot of fun.

Swimming in the sea is so invigorating and we went on an off-road adventure trip in big jeeps. The vehicles were made in Austria for the Austrian army, the Swiss army and the Yugoslav army, and had 12 gears, including four reverse gears.

Our driver, a great guy and a real gentleman, had been in the army, and our girl guide Stella was wonderful. Some of the terrain was so rough and it would have been impossible in almost any other vehicle.

We stopped to see the biggest vineyard, paused again for a pee in the small airport, and then roared up to the top of the highest mountain, which has a radio mast that can be seen from many miles away, plus a telecom tower that’s not visible from Zlatni Rat beach.

The views are fabulous and the lovely Stella said, “I think I’ve seen Italy twice.”

But today I’m back in London and floating, rather disoriented.

When I’ve adjusted to the change of scenery, and regained my rhythm, I’ll start blogging again.

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