Give up your season ticket, Andrew! You’re not an Arsenal fan

From Michael Budgen : that sub-let season ticket

Dear Andrew,

Sadly I feel, as do many other gooners I talk to, that people like you are parasites, your happy to feed off the good times, but come lean years, you off to find your fixes elsewhere, you don’t want to go because we’re not delivering what you want.

Yet if good times roll by, you still want to be at the party.

You’re not an Arsenal Fan, so we’d all be better off without you!

It’s difficult being a match-going fan these days, with the double-edged sword that is Sky, but I still go, just about every match, I turn up to support my team, not the manager, not the players, not the board, my club, for better or worse.

If that’s not for you, then I pity you, but give your ticket up, don’t hedge your bets,

Just do it !