Guardiola 2 Klopp 1 : afterthoughts on City v Liverpool

From Michael Budgen:

Not enough time last week to reply to some interesting mails, but Rhys’s mail about player use got me thinking who plays the most, so I completely arbitrarily settled on 1500 mins, but that’s about 16 ½ games out of 21

Number of players at top 5 clubs who have over 1500 mins so far:

Chelsea 8

Liverpool 7

City 4

Spurs 3

Arsenal 2

Will this mean Chelsea / Liverpool hit a ‘wall’ post -Xmas ? Who knows?

But interesting that Mane was removed last Thursday instead of Wijnaldum.

Myles says: 

That wasn’t one of Mane’s best games.

It’s not just minutes on the pitch, it’s how far each player has run, maybe how far he has sprinted.

On the night I was annoyed and disappointed.

But most people thought it was an exciting game.

I thought the teams were scared of each other. Guardiola was afraid that if Liverpool scored first they might crank up the tempo and kill them. He wanted it to be 0-0 at half-time.

Equally, Klopp was afraid of being opened up by City’s quick triangles and one-twos, so he chose a workmanlike midfield of Milner-Henderson-Wijnaldum. I thought he should have brought Fabinho and Shakiri on sooner.

It’s history now: Man City beat Liverpool 2-1.

So it was Champions 2 League leaders 1.

Klopp’s lead was cut from seven points to four.

Tonight’s Wolves-Liverpool game is an interesting FA Cup Third Round match on BBC1.

Wolves like to sit deep and counter-attack and love to score late goals. 

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