Holding,Welbeck,Monreal & Leno impressive/Ramsey?Who cares?

Dan Ferguson emailed on Saturday evening:

Arsenal has found their strength. Holding is one hell of a defender. I’m really impressed today. Was there. Really professional to a man.

Myles emailed back:

Close battle that went on a long time.
Did you ever think it would be 0-1?

Dan replied:

No. But what is interesting is not a single player on the pitch had a stinker for either side. That made it aggressive, very interesting and non-stop. Also Welbeck and Iwobi changed everything for Arsenal and increased the power 10%. We have more talent than Watford but needed a change. Kudos to the squad and manager for having the balls to sub big time players.

Kelvin, another lifelong Gooner, also went and called me on Sunday morning and said he was surprised to see so many empty seats.

He put the crowd at around 55,000.
He said the club have extended the technical area right up to the touchline and Unai Emery was on his feet for 90% of the match.

He said Monreal was good, Bellerin wasn’t.

“Holding was excellent, only one mistake in the whole game. Ozil was far busier in the second half. Leno, what a save! To me that was a goal. He was commanding. His two-fisted punching was very good.

“Lacazette’s early chance was so wide. Aubameyang was on the left wing, no surprise when he was taken off.

“Welbeck looked fit and hungry, as did Iwobi. Lucas Torreira was very fast and tidy, got a yellow card for a revenge foul. Xhaka gave away pass after pass.”


What did the old beatnik think of Arsenal 2 Watford 0?

From Tuesday onwards I began to be apprehensive about this game. Started to wonder what would happen if Watford scored first.

Aaron Ramsey? A ghastly situation for any new manager to inherit. Gross incompetence by Wenger & Gazidis to allow a player to run down his contract. Friends rate him. Readers rate him. But I don’t. Ramsey is not a great footballer, never was.

So I don’t mind where he goes. Sooner the better.

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