How many old school Gooners think Wenger will win the Europa League?

From Graham Keat:

Good morning, Myles,

The Europa League might just save the dictator’s head.

But I really really hope that’s not the case.

Get gone with your arrogance, you are fooling not one of the old school Arsenal faithful and haven’t for years now.

I fancy this team getting beaten if not before but in the final itself.

You don’t teach defence, you get beat, that’s a given.

Average teams,let alone the best in the leagues, have taken advantage of that for so long now.

The stat below is what I would like to see again at Arsenal. We all know he’s the manager we need to get in and shake up this stale club.

‘Juventus are unbeaten in their last 23 games’

Myles says:

Allegri MUST be No.1 on Ivan’s list, Graham.

But both draws are bad news.

Since Brexit, Uefa don’t want us to win anything.

Liverpool v Man City is their revenge.

And sending Arsenal to Moscow when we’re virtually at war with Putin is further revenge.

Since Diego Simeone coaches the best team in the Europa, the biggest quarter-final tie is Atletico Madrid v Sporting Lisbon.

RB Leipzig v Marseille  might be the most interesting contest.

And Rome’s Lazio  will play Red Bull Salzburg of Switzerland.