I don’t want to talk about Thomas Lemar right now

Because Arsenal haven’t signed him yet.

And Monaco may want to keep Lemar if they sell Mbappe.

I just think pre-season is for managers. And July is for agents.

Bloggers need a break before a 10-month football season starts.

A break allows us to enjoy other activities.

Last summer I didn’t get a break because I wrote or edited 65 pieces in May and 63 in June and 51 in July, mostly about a stupidly long Euro 2016 tournament of 51 games. Or was it 53?

Yes, I was glad Portugal beat France in the final because it was a validation of a talented generation of players, like Nani, Ronaldo, Moutinho et al.

This month I watched all three Tests between the British & Irish Lions and the All-Blacks.

And I’m now watching ITV highlights of the Tour De France every night.

After seeing Cav break his shoulder last week, the last thing I wanted to see,during an alarmingly steep descent, was Richie Porte hitting a wall.

After that drama I needed to watch some escapist entertainment to take my mind off such a sickening incident. The Australian had fractured his shoulder and pelvis.

Last night Ross Poldark set off a hastily improvised commando raid on a French prison where the soldier-guards were throwing dice to decide which Brits should be taken outside and shot next.

The mission was to rescue Dr Dwight Enys and bring him back to his community in Cornwall.

His wife Caroline had been worried sick by all the bad news from France.

Seeing her thin, heavily bearded husband again, Caroline is shocked but quickly recovers her composure to say, “Then I prescribe fresh air, oranges and kisses without end!” She sits on his bed to embrace the damaged hero.

Poldark is a series in which the women really love their blokes.

When ANR  crashed a couple of years ago, I started to tweet here.