I hope Spurs can handle two-footed Jadon Sancho

He’s a cocky kid but quite nice with it.

Sancho might be the best 18-year-old British footballer I’ve seen since George Best or Alan Hudson.

After my class this morning  I was reading his press conference in The Daily Mail, the only paper available in the gym cafe at that moment

Sancho learned his football in the cages of South London, knows Reiss Nelson very well, and is the most two-footed English footballer to come down the pike in decades.

Reading the The Times on the  bus home, I saw the headline “This is my chance to show London what I’m all about – Borussia Dortmund’s Jadon Sancho wants to impress the fans in  his home city, he tells Oliver Kay.

In a pre-match session with reporters in Dortmund, he told Ed Aarons of The Guardian  that his friends in Kennington always ask for a shirt for their little brother or cousin

“And I always send them shirts. I will never forget where I have come from because I know what it is like growing up in that area … it is not nice. Especially when you have people around you doing bad things.”

It’s actually very helpful for a teenager like Sancho to learn Bundesliga manners. He grew up on the Guinness Trust Buildings estate and left home at 12 to live at Harefield Academy, which has close links with Watford  FC.

“For the kids that are in south London I hope I can give a positive message. Don’t do those bad things. You don’t have to be footballers. You could focus on your school work. Education is the most important thing and a lot of kids in south London get distracted from education.”

“I didn’t really want to go to that boarding school. I wanted to stay at home and travel but the people around me told me what was best and I listened to them. I am happy that I am here today, where I am.”

Myself, I really hope Spurs win this Round of 16 Champions League match because I’m  a Londoner who wants to see our clubs on the big stage and winning European quarter-finals.

STATING THE OBVIOUS : If Sancho’s twinkling feet do the business, it will make the second leg very difficult for Spurs.

Let’s see how he does against Danny Rose.