If you want change at Arsenal, stop giving them your money

From Geoff Marks:

Hello Myles,

As you know I gave up my season tickets 5 years ago, no regrets.

I watch every game at home or at the pub along with many disaffected ex season ticket holders who have voted with their wallets.We’re all desperate to be transported back to the Wenger wonder years but most of us realise the great man can no longer summon the magic.

He’s lost in his myopic world and sees nothing but his way which we see played out to the same results year after year after year.My reason for writing is to let you know that the two STAUNCHEST Wenger supporters I know (one a dear friend and the other my postman) have now accepted he must go,

Prior to this season they couldn’t even enter a reasoned debate, such was their blind fervent support for our once great leader.They want their team, our team to progress but see that we are standing still (as we have done for years) while others improve which in real terms means we go backwards.They (and I) desperately want to revere Wenger for everything he’s done in putting our club on the world stage but fear with every passing month he only succeeds in tarnishing his image.I say this to everyone who posts their disaffection on here and other blogs, twitter, Arsenal fan tv etc:


It’s the ONLY way you can send the strongest message to your club. Continue what you’re doing and you’re as big a masochist as Arsene.

Keep writing Myles and I’ll keep reading.

Myles says:

Lovely to hear from you again, Geoff.

The Arsenal Corporation doesn’t want fans, they want customers.

Because customers don’t have a memory or an opinion.

The Arsenal that was special ceased to exist in 2006 when they left Highbury.

I gave that game a miss and went to the penultimate home game.

Why didn’t I go to the final game?

Because I didn’t want to be with thousands of people who were upset and emotional. People like you and Stewart Joseph and Martin Wengrow and 30,000 other real fans.

I was a latecomer and a journalist. My own main time at Highbury was in the press box from 1982 to 2006.

Most of my friends are gooners.

But I’m not a gooner. I’m just a bloke who started writing about football when he started watching as a 16-year-old boy at Alleynes Grammar School in Stevenage.

The situation now, Geoff, is horrible .

It’s uniquely tragic and extraordinarily painful because it’s a perfect storm: the worst possible billionaire Yank employing a French tyrant who has ruthlessly exploited the executive vacuum at your club.

Stan Kroenke must be the biggest arsehole ever to own a British sports franchise.  His stupid son Josh has said this week that he would back Thierry Henry to replace Wenger. What? Henry has never managed. But I digress….

So the decision you made five years ago, Geoff, was the right one.

Tragic that the timid “directors” gave Wenger more power than Sir Alex Ferguson ever had.

Sir Alex is a different animal. Far less cerebral and vain.

Big enough to admit mistakes.

And big enough to delegate to Archie Knox and Brian Kidd, to walk around and watch the sessions Steve McClaren put on, to welcome the input of Carlos Queiroz in two spells, to value the experience of Walter Smith and Mike Phelan.