Ignorant Arsenal fans ARE a problem/ Klopp & Pochettino

From Rhys Jaggar:

Arsenal’s biggest problem: the fans’ arrogance of ignorance.

Do I care whether people agree with me? Not a bit.

My opinions are my opinions. They are not eternal truths, I am not the Arsenal Godfather either.

But do I think Arsenal fans are superior beings? Like hell they are.

They have a belief that Arsenal is some superior entity and that, by slagging off everything to do with other clubs, that somehow manifests that superiority. What a load of obnoxious, intemperate, classless, inferior bullshit.

Am I Klopp’s cheerleader? Not really, any more than I am Pocchetino’s, Guardiola’s or Heynckes’.

I simply believe that you do not get anywhere with your mind focused on slagging off those who have performed better than your club has.

So Klopp lost six finals. Who were they against? Two against Bayern, one against Man City, Real, Sevilla and Wolfsburg.

So being generous, you could say he should have won one and a half of those. He was definitely a big underdog in four of them. Three European finals in six seasons. That is failure?

During the time fat cats were nicking Lewandowski, Goetze, Kagawa et al from the heart of his side at Dortmund he reached three finals. Whilst he was building a squad at Liverpool he reached three finals.

So who did Arsenal beat in FA Cup finals?

The mighty Hull City (whom they nearly gave a three goal start to), the mighty Aston Villa and a very strong Chelsea side. They lost badly to Man City. They reached no European finals. None. They won one and lost one as underdog and won two as strong favourites to teams now in the EFL.

Forgive me if I downgrade 2014 and 2015 to games any Arsenal player should have been sacked for losing. So beating Chelsea once means Klopp can be trashed for losing to Wolfsburg, Real and Bayern?

He can improve, to be sure. But it ill behoves Arsenal fans to trash from a position of considerable embarrassment.

When Arsenal have won the Europa League, they can chide Klopp for losing to Sevilla in a final. Until then, oh dear, couldn’t beat Atletico in the semi final.

When Arsenal edge Liverpool out of top 4, they can trash Klopp for poor league performance. Until then, oh dear, even seventy points was beyond them. Only just beat tiny Burnley to sixth.

When Arsenal reach two UCL finals on the budgets Klopp had in six years and win one of them, beating one of Real, Barca or Bayern, they can trash Klopp losing to Bayern and Real. Until then, just try to qualify for the tournament itself.

When Arsenal have developed equivalents of Rose, Walker, Dier, Alli, Kane, Winks, Trippier through faith in English youth, qualifying for three back-to-back UCL tournaments on wages far less than Arsenal’s, trash Pocchetino.

Until then, ask why Oxlade improved going to Liverpool, Gibbs got relegated with WBA, Walcott was not coached properly from 17-24. It is called poor club processes…..

If there is one thing I know about succeeding it is this: you identify why your opponents are currently better than you, you identify weaknesses to be exploited and you plan how to exploit them. Bob Paisley had a better ability to identify weakness in opposition players than anyone. His trophy winning frequency was unparalleled in English football and he remains one of only three managers to win three European Cups/UCL titles.

So go slag Bob Paisley off, showing your arrogant insularity by speaking ill of the dead, just because he was not Winston Churchill in a tracksuit.

Myles says:

World is full of morons, Rhys. And you get annoyed too easily.

Let’s not rant about idiots.

My inbox was jammed with abuse for years but I never let it bother me. And I freely admit I made mistakes and wrote stuff I shouldn’t have published. One muppet didn’t believe that I know Harvey Goldsmith. Which is plain silly: everybody knows Harvey.

Yes, I DO understand what you’re talking about.

But, during 20 years of doing ANR, I’ve met scores of Arsenal fans and as a group of people they are the most decent folk I’ve met in my whole life.

Liverpool? Five European Cups.

Klopperpool? A work-in-progress. But his team plays exciting football and scores lots of goals and has a more resilient mentality than Arsenal.

Both of us hope Unai Emre can galvanise Arsenal for away games as well as home fixtures. I’m convinced that the new Head Coach will soon show us a team that’s much more compact and consistent. 

Nigel Keng says this on Klopp:

I like him…would have him as Arsenal manager now, would have taken him 3 years ago, would have taken him 5 years ago. BUT….until he wins something can we really say he (or Poch) for that matter are better than Wenger?

Yes both Liverpool and Spurs have made progress under their tenure but away from big-spending City, United and Chelsea, only Arsenal under Wenger have actually won anything in recent years.

Yes with a world class keeper Liverpool might do something big…hasn’t happened yet. We don’t know if it will happen. I was supporting Liverpool big time in the last few weeks and feeling somewhat jealous of their set up, their manager, their players and their fans, certainly wanted them to win the European Cup once more.

However Karius is Klopp’s keeper, not someone forced upon him but the keeper he dropeed Mignolet for. Both should have been replaced a year ago.

That Klopp didn’t see that is a big oversight on his part which perhaps means he isn’t the messiah many (including me at times) think he is…if I can see how bad their goalkeeping situation is why can’t he?

Yes there’s a lot to admire about Liverpool and their set up. But with all due respect Myles, talking about signing Rush and Hyypia has no relevance to Michael’s points about Klopp.

As I said. I would take Klopp as manager. I’d take Poch too.

They both seem like great managers and their clubs are moving in the right direction. And clearly we’d been stagnating under Wenger for years. But neither Klopp or Poch have won anything with Liverpool or Spurs yet. Even bad Arsenal teams have managed that recently.

If they don’t win anything next year (and if Spurs can’t win at their “home” Wembley in an FA cup semi when can they win?) at what point do we say they’re no longer moving in the right direction and they’re stagnating as Arsenal were?