I’m ecstatic! Because Arsenal’s pre-season finishes on Friday

Unfortunately, the tedious transfer window goes on and on.

Let’s admit the truth: top footballers are more powerful than they’ve ever been.

Alexis Sanchez will play out his contract?

I don’t think that scenario will work out. Still reckon he’ll be sold in the next three weeks.

Coutinho is different. He’s only 25 and can go to Barcelona another time.

After beating Manchester United 2-1 in the Super Cup last night, Zidane’s Real Madrid already look like the team to beat in La Liga.

And taking the Champions League off Zidane’s boys could be very difficult indeed.

On Friday night, it’s Arsenal v Leicester, a meaningful match at last.

Before that match I might try to explain why Arsene FC will play 3-4-2-1 for the rest of his life.