I’m worried about Ivan Gazidis. But City & Spurs will thrash Arsenal

I’ve always said this, always written it.

So I’m alarmed by stories that the changes Ivan is making at the club, taking back some of the power so stupidly given to your least favourite dictator, have upset Wenger.

Ivan, a canny corporate lawyer, has made Wenger very angry.

Regular readers know this: Wenger can call Kroenke direct, behind the back of his board.

So Wenger can have Gazidis removed from his job.


But if that assassination happened, there would be mayhem at Arsenal on a scale nobody has yet imagined.

However, I don’t think it will come to that. Because Manchester City, with their very fast and technical attackers, will slice through Arsenal and beat them comfortably on Sunday.

Raheem can score, Sane too, Aguero can poach a couple, and KDB, a better footballer than Hazard, can create and finish.

And Spurs will batter Arsenal at the Lane. Beat them 4-0.