Imagine what Marcus Rashford would be doing at Spurs or Liverpool

From Michael Budgen :

RE: Is Manchester United losing a bigger story than Spurs winning?

Yes, and no !

Yes, because Mourinho has spent half a billion pounds so that he can bring on Fellaini to hump the ball to.

No, because Poch has fashioned a side on a ridiculous tight budget, that went there with 4 attacking players and won.

This wasn’t a smash & grab raid, this was a side going toe to toe, and completely flooring the supposed ‘bigger guy’.

Imagine what Rashford would be doing at Spurs, City or Liverpool right now ?

Or Martial for that matter !!

Kind Regards.

Myles says : 

Agree that Marcus Rashford is a major talent who can get Old Trafford rocking.

But Rashford can only develop by playing every week.

And if Mourinho hasn’t started him regularly by now, he’s not going to. 

Initiative is a big part of football and Pochettino plays proactive attacking football which can seem risky. But, very often Spurs knock opponents off their game and that seems to happen more in big matches than medium-sized ones.

In those Champions League Group games, Real Madrid expected Spurs to be more respectful to them. But that didn’t happen. In Madrid, Real managed to scramble a 1-1 draw. The return leg  was, remarkably, Real’s first ever match at Wembley. Spurs beat them 3-1.

It’s nice that such an emphatic Spurs victory at Old Trafford came just before Gareth Southgate’s announcement of an even younger England squad. Jamie Vardy and Gary Cahill will no longer be involved and the versatile James Milner, who is still valuable to Liverpool, quit England long ago.

My guess is that Brazilian footballers look at Man United and think: Alexis Sanchez doesn’t start? That’s crazy!

I didn’t mind Jose when he first came to Chelsea.

He knew how to use Drogba, JT and Lampard, how to find other warriors like Ivanovic. And he was shameless in stealing Ashley Cole, the only left back in the world who could mark Cristiano Ronaldo out of a game.

Ashley Cole was super-quick, very tenacious and dynamic AND consistent. Playing with Pires and Henry on the left flank, Cole was a magnificent competitor. Having those three together in the Arsenal team was phenomenal.

But Cole said the team was run by a French clique and Wenger’s replacement was mediocre. On his best days and nights, Gael Clichy was second-rate.

Cristiano Ronaldo played for Sporting Lisbon till 2003, for Man United till 2009, and for Real Madrid till 2018.

Ronaldo has 154 caps for Portugal and 85 goals and he’s now playing for Juventus. I’d call that a career.

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