Improved Oxlade so popular in Liverpool/ Coutinho not missed yet

From Jim Johnson:

Hi Myles

 Interesting article about the Ox’s improvement under Klopp.

They love him up here in Merseyside where they feel he’s the reason that Liverpool have coped so admirably since the departure of Coutinho.

 “It’s not about passing the ball, it’s about moving the formation” says the article. This after 70% possession at the Amex where you’d be hard put to work out what Arsenal’s tactics were beyond ‘play out from the back, through midfield, get to the box then pass backwards and sideways.’
Every coach in Europe has worked that out to the point that the opposition presses so high and  so hard that our players heads fall off.
Wrighty said last night “Arsene can’t get a tune out of these players.”
We’ve got three piano players anyone could get a tune out of: Ozil, Miki and P-E-A.  Any coach would love to have those riches.
Any coach could sign eight piano carriers to get those guys playing a tune.
Give me the job. I’ll put them in a shape that stops the leaks. I’d get Keown back in to drill Holding and Chambers in a way they haven’t had since they were at Bolton and Southampton academies.  They’ve missed out on a crucial stage of their development. Would Tone and Keown turned out as they did if they hadn’t had Don Howe, GG and O’Leary, Sansom and Viv Anderson working with them?  Bellerin and Monreal (my new club captain) would thrive in that atmosphere).
Ainsley Maitland-Niles would play every week being reminded that he’s the future but he NEVER deserts his post in front of the back four.
And Xhaka, Mustafi and Koscielny would never play for my team again.
And if the squad didn’t improve under me, then I should expect to be shown the door.
Because the first team manager’s principal job is to improve his players to provide  positive results and performances on the pitch. End of.
Myles says: 
Oxy has surprised me so far. I’d never rated him.
Maybe I should ghost his autobiography : My Escape from the Colney Creche.