Inbox explodes with Ozil praise

From MikeyP : Ozil and consumerism

You often speak of galacticos and the like. While I appreciate the spectacle of surging attacks and glistening athleticism, football skills come in many different forms.

Sometimes they are more subtle, like Ozil this weekend.

His fluidity and tempo were a joy to watch on Sunday.

Pass completion nearly 100%, countless touches that took him away from a defender or into free space, accurate and timely passes, bamboozling the opposition with a dropped shoulder, precision flick, or languid feint.

Unhappily, however, we live in a Twitterverse.

Showboating, golazos, histrionics – these elicit a din that drowns out more refined things. Unusual things. Things that require a little reflection to appreciate. But we are becoming like pensioners at slot machines, mechanically chasing dopamine surges and keeping out attention spans medicated in a stifling unison.

Ozil is not a gladiator. But he is a peculiar talent and, for me, a peculiar joy to watch.

We are lucky to have him at the Arsenal.

From Martin : Ozil

Good Morning Myles,

The problem with Ozil is that this league, pundits and fans were just not ready for what he brings as a footballer.

Our expectation is set by the fast-paced tempo of the league where power and energy are seemingly prerequisite.

Ozil brings a pace, he is no slouch, he also brings energy as his Opta statistic’s support as he runs and runs all game but he does it with such a grace and fluidity its not really noticeable.

Cazorla got the MOTM yesterday but personally I was purring over Ozil he was a joy to watch as glided through the game, prompting everything good Arsenal created.

He is, however, highly restricted by the talent around him, where as some players have ability to create their own moments of genius and change games Ozil is wholly reliant on the ability of those around him to make space, make intelligent runs, to go into areas of danger and make runs where most players would not find you, a run you would never usually make as its wasted on the man with the ball.

Ozil is a provider, a supreme prompter of the play, basically the conductor of the orchestra.

Hence in games where rest of team is not at it he looks really poor as where are his his outlets?

One thing to accept also is that he is not a natural defender and that is why Coquelin is now in the team, even Wenger had to bow to that pragmatism when he committed himself to having Ozil as one of first on team sheet each week.

We have to educate ourselves to Ozil as his game is not what we are programmed to in the Premiership but if the supporting cast is strong he will be the one who pulls the strings to a title, truly believe that.

From Subhrajit Ghadei:  comparing Ozil & Bergkamp

Are you guys even serious? Has anyone read the myth-busting article in BBC? He is one of the best attacking midfielders.

The problem is Ozil does not have a Benzema and also Coquelin is expected to protect the defence.

The best creative midfielders across the globe and across the generation needed to be free of doing defence works.

Is there anyone else in the footballing world who has the vision of Ozil? Not even Messi has that vision.

I am not way out of mind when I say this Ozil has better vision than even Bergkamp. Bergkamp was special because of Henry, Wright, Anelka & Vieira.

Do we have a running forward for OZIL’s initiatives? DO not blame him blame the Messiah. Its not his fault that we did not buy Benzema.

Myles says:

Ozil doesn’t remind me of any other footballer.

Maybe Klaus Allofs a little bit.

And Allofs was a forward, not a midfielder

Bergkamp was dynamic  with Wrighty,  then with Overmars, then with Anelka, and later with Ljungberg & Henry.

Wrighty often wanted the ball in front of him.

Overmars was as incisive off the ball as on it. That is very unusual.

Fiery Freddie Ljungberg  made up in bottle what he lacked in skill, scoring one-on-ones with panache.