Arsenal News Review


Refusenik Robin no shock. But what talent will join Arsenal now?

By Myles Palmer

Are you surprised?

Are you shocked by Van Persie's refusal to sign a new contract?

Shocked that he wants to go?

Shocked that he questions the club's ambition?

Shocked that a 29-year old striker says he disagrees with Wenger and Gazidis on the way forward for the club?

As I said the other day, Podolski and Giroud coming signals RVP going.

Same old Arsenal : try to do it on the minimum outlay.

OK, the minimum is huge now.

But that's partly because Wenger pays £50,000 a week to dummies who will never talk back to him.

And he can't unload his deadwood because a club like Fulham would never pay £60,000 a week to Denilson. Also, Dembele is twice the footballer Denilson will ever be.

Fan morale will nosedive this summer.

Ivan Gazidis is on holiday?He can still phone Man City today and name his price.

Although I heard on Saturday, June 23rd that agent Kees Vos, who also looks after Vermaelen, had agreed a contract for RVP with Manchester United.

Then I heard that Vos wasn't returning any phone calls.

I just wonder which major talents would join Arsenal now.

There is no magnet now.

Once upon a time he could say: Come and play with Dennis Bergkamp! Come and play with Pat and Robbie Pires?!

Come and play with Cesc, he's fantastic!

Still, right now, Arsene Wenger is the perfect manager for Arsenal's business model.

It doesn't matter that Arsenal has stagnated for eight years. It's a club going nowhere because it aims at fourth or third.

When the debt's paid off, $ilent $tan Kroenke will sell Ar$enal for a huge profit.


Jul 5, 2012