George Graham/ Irish Arsenal/Colney Creche/ next two windows

From Martin:

My father loved George, he watched him strolling and looking smooth and imperious in the shirt, and loved his immaculate dress, and tough mentality.

We often commented he was our George Cowley from The Professionals, and how he treated Bodie and Doyle was the tough love the players would get.

No moment yet seen in football can match the ending to the 1989 season, and my abiding memory was not the winning goal but George trying to show dignity and calm everyone down as the whistle went!!

I was a season ticket holder with my Dad from 1977 to 1996  so I have the full range of Highbury memories from poor to sublime.
Funnily enough it’s late 70’s that I hold fondes.t as they were abject during mid 70’s and I was wondering what Dad was doing to me!
But the  Irish revolution led by the imperious Brady changed that and 78- early Eighties were good times.

I have never really been one to over-fixate on Spurs, the celebration was as much at the confirmation the Wenger era is truly over Now we can enjoy watching a team that displays some heart and passion again, which in this country is the #1 desire of any fan.

My favourite phrase in recent times and much repeated by myself is your term the Colney Creche. Once said to any Arsenal fan in discussion, there was instant acknowledgement and understanding to exactly what was meant.

With Emery the club seems to have gone back to George Graham where such a culture is not accepted. He picked the team on merit, which he confirmed many times when he used the term “just another player” and refusing in being drawn on anyone being singled out to discuss.

Arsenal’s football will obviously be driven and progressive. Be interesting to see which young players Emery promotes. Wenger basically killed off any promising talent in last 10 years, as all have now left the club .

Interesting to see who he signs in the next two windows. I will be really interested to see what type of players he gets.

Myles says:

David O’Leary was an amazingly classy centreback. Up there with Bobby Moore, Colin Todd and Roy McFarland.

Todd always won brilliant clean tackles in the box without giving away a penalty. McFarland scored 44 goals for Derby County and won the title for Brian Clough in 1972- and Derby won it again when Dave Mackay took over.

Mackay had played for Spurs and when Clough wanted to sign the ageing half-back, Mackay said, “Don’t be ridiculous, I’m older than the manager!” That was true.

But Mackay won the league as a Derby player and when Clough then took over at Nottingham Forest, the Scot inherited a team that was so good that he won it again as manager.

Thanks for letting me know that phrase has entered the language.

I was a grammar school kid who did Macbeth and Hamlet but it wasn’t until much later that I realised that half of the language we speak had been given to us by William Shakespeare, a guy who died in 1616.

2018 is almost over. It was the year King Wenger was toppled. He was bemused by the censures of this carping world (Richard III) and probably still is.

I’m really enjoying this season.

But this week I was dismayed by the serious injuries to Rob Holding and Joe Gomez.

I expected Arsenal to win in Manchester but United began viciously and fouled off the ball all through the match. Typical Jose Mourinho. He’s made United as nasty as he is.

But that’s the history of a sport that has often been dominated by flawed managers and flawed footballers.

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