Is Arsenal a dead football club?

From David White:  I can’t be bothered to follow a team that can’t be bothered

Hi Myles,

Hope your summer is going well.

Still loving the blog, one of the first sites I go to every day.

But, the day of freedom is finally here!

After 40 years of following Arsenal, including several years of Arsenal Corp. spin, I no longer care about the club.

After all that time, it boils down to something very simple: Stan doesn’t care if they win, Wenger doesn’t care if they win, and the players don’t care if they win. If they don’t care, why should I?

No team has the right to win trophies of course. But, every fan has the right to demand their team bust the proverbial b***ck to try.

And, from top to bottom, Arsenal don’t anymore. They just don’t. And that’s very sad, because it means Arsenal is a dead football club.

Myles says:

At Highbury, it was a football club.

They borrowed £260 million to build the new  stadium and at that time I said two things (1) You can do this pay the money back, it’s really not that much and (2) no other football club in the world could have done what AFC did right there.

Some ANR readers will recall what I said back then.

However, the board decided to deliberately price out the old-school Gooners by charging higher season ticket prices. That was their strategy before Kroenke ever got involved.

Their aim was to change the demographic by appealing to a younger, more affluent sector of the market who were Sky-fed and more gullible and even more prone to celebrity-worship.

Arsenal now wanted customers and tourists and occasionals, not diehard fans with long memories.

A steward told me that new staff are taught the history of Arsenal in five historic eras,with Bertie Mee and George Graham never mentioned. They never existed.They have been written out of history.

Last season Manchester City allowed Arsenal to send up stewards, who took anti-Wenger posters off the away fans.


Ferran Soriano, did you know about this repression?

Will you allow that again this season? Will you allow other club stewards to do the same to their away fans at the Etihad?