Is the Mesut Ozil situation now beyond ridiculous?

From James M Levitt

Hi Myles,

Hope you’re well.

The toxic and somewhat bemusing Ozil situation continues.

He’s arguably our best player and certainly our most creative player. On paper, he’s our biggest asset in the squad.

He’s also inconsistent.

However, his continued omission from the team is absurd and it’s damaging the squad and dividing the fans/club.

It’s absurd on a playing level and even more ridiculous on a financial level.

(I agree to put him on £350,000 a week was madness but the market and our incompetency for letting his contract run down dictated the outcome. (What was his team supposed to do? Bosman has handed players the power-Ramsey case in point.))

Yet, clearly all the players are inconsistent in this squad.

However,  Ozil’s performance on the field DOES NOT justify his lack of playing time.

I assume something OFF the field, behind the scenes has caused this rift with the manager?

Myles says:

I agree that the situation is toxic – and boring.

That’s why I don’t think about Ozil or talk about him or blog about him.

I reckon he’s been rubbish since Alexis Sanchez left. 

He should go a Turkish club  this summer, even if Arsenal have to pay 50% of his wages.