Is Wenger’s bonus a % of profits each season?

From James M. Levitt : deception or negligence

Hi Myles,

Hope you’re well.

I understand from reading your blog over years that you’ve been to many press conferences with Arsenal and England managers.

Here is a question/quote from Wenger’s press conference on Friday: .

On what he can say on possible Arsenal signings…

“Look, today my focus is not too much on that, because we play a very important game in 48 hours. Transfers will not help us now to do well in this game because we have a strong squad. We have to deal with the game on Sunday with the squad we have available. But of course we lost basically three centre backs, because we have [lost] Mertesacker and Gabriel and Koscielny, who is not ready. Most of the time, the injuries happen in the same sector. But I believe we are equipped to do well and I’m confident we can do well. Transfer-wise, as soon as we do something, we will inform you.”

On which other areas he’s looking at other than defence…

“There’s no other specific area that we need. It will depend on the quality we find. If we find somebody who strengthens our team in any position, who gives us a superior quality, we’ll do it.”

This is insinuating that if the BFG and Gabriel had not gotten injured he believes his squad is adequate enough.

The same squad (with the exception of Xhaka) that is injury prone and mentally weak. The same squad (without the injured Welbeck) that didn’t score enough goals last season, the same squad that have NOT come close to winning the league or progressing in the CL.

What is the goal for the new season?

Right there, he owns up.

He has no intention of winning the league, no need to….neither does the owner.

Why do the press not ask him directly what his goal is for the season? Why don’t they call him out?

If he believes the squad doesn’t need improvement it’s admitting that they don’t intend to win the league because this squad has proven that it doesn’t have what it takes.

You call it “Groundhog Day”…..I say it’s either deception or negligence.

You believe that he gets his bonus based on finishing in the top 4.

I’m beginning to think he gets paid his bonus based on how much $ he makes net per season.

If buying a new player that could help us progress messes up his $ -bonus-metric, he’ll pass for his own personal gain perhaps?

Otherwise, just come out and say ….”We’re a business, the goal is to make $, 4th position makes us the most money, go support someone else if you actually want to win.”

And I’m one of the mugs who just purchased my new home jersey and my son’s new customized 3rd jersey.

The club has lost its soul and I’m sad.

Myles says:

Yes, I’ve been to about 1500 press conferences.

If I counted all my football programmes, that’s how many press conferences I’ve attended.

Don’t own any programmes from matches I did not attend

Press conferences were fun  at times and I always asked questions.

But the action was everything for me, not the excuses afterwards.

Like Vieira, I think the truth is on the pitch.

I only met Ron Saunders once but his post-match, after an Aston Villa game, was hilarious.

A huge regret that I only met Ron Saunders once.

Ron was a very hard man with a droll line in patter – and I still have the cassette.

Bizarrely, I still have all the cassettes, mostly labelled, and when I get a day off I will find Ron and a few other memorable pressers.

Managers are the biggest stars in football in the 21st century, especially in England.

Hacks don’t call them out because they have mortgages and children & can’t rock the boat.

I’m 100% sure that George Graham liked me because I wasn’t scared of him.

Arsenal play Liverpool at 4pm tomorrow.

I’ve had many thoughts on that game and will try to post a preview by noon Sunday.