It’s Arsenal v Spurs, then Liverpool

By Myles Palmer

I knew Tottenham would beat West Ham.

They deserved to win by more than 3-2 and it was no surprise that Rebrov made the difference with two goals. Or that a George Graham side scored twice from set-pieces.

So it’s Cardiff here we come.The question is not whether Arsenal can beat a side studded with bang average blokes like Clemence, Freund, King and Perry.

Obviously they can and they will. Although I would not fancy Arsenal so strongly if the match was played in a monsoon, or on a mudheap, as the quarter final was at Upton Park.

George Graham is a formidable tactician, and a great motivator,someone who can make bricks without straw. But there is too much straw in that Spurs side, I’m afraid.

Rebrov cannot beat Arsenal on his own.

Still, it will be interesting to compare keeper Neil Sullivan with Dave Seaman, the man Wenger says is still England’s No1.

Arsenal had beaten West Ham in a 13-minute match and on Saturday they beat Blackburn in a 5-minute match. Wiltord in 80 seconds, Adams inside five minutes, Pires before halftime from a lovely Wiltord pass, then just coasting through the second half.

Do I think Bergkamp should be driven to Munich? Of course he should. He is in form and wants to play and should start.

Even if he is tired he can give Arsenal a good hour, that will be enough.

We shall wait and see what Wenger decides on Monday morning.

Wenger’s calls on Saturday, resting Vieira and Henry, were based on the belief that Arsenal could stuff Blackburn without them. Which they did. So he was right about that.

11th March 2001.